Dec 15th Exec Meeting

  • Sarah and Nancy Finn beginning interview process in January
    • Review of people to target
  • Board reconstitution
    • List of nominees for new board members identified (invites going out soon)
    • List of board members rotating off confirmed
  • Board agenda (Alan)
    • How to address past board members
    • Member at large will be voted on by membership
  • Seal program
    • Healthline -probably won’t be able to use their resources (Danny)
      • Major need is building a physician list
    • Indu wrapping up outline by the end of the week Jon L. has the necessary details
    • Maybe Consumer Union would want to do a story
    • Drawing more member attention to the seal
    • Planning public launch PR
  • Webinar Series
    • Always start out with theme of participatory med but then bring in guest speakers that discuss PM in real life scenarios



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