Thursday, October 6, 2011 12:27 pm EST

1.Planning for next full board meeting (Alan)

  • Alan to message board about new Board Meeting time

2. SF Dinner Salon Redux (Danny, Alan, Sarah)

  • Emily Hackle and Nancy Finn being brought in to help us improve our value proposition
  • Blue Shield expressed interest in using SPM seal to restructure aspects of patient care

3. Boston Dinner Salon status report and call to action (Danny)

4. ONC conversation

  • SPM announced the seal at Health 2.0!
  • Lygeia Ricciardi approached Alan after and was enthusiastic about establishing a relationship between SPM and the ONC
    • Lygeia suggested SPM work on patient and providers while the ONC focuses on institutions
  • Reactions:
    • We don’t see the ONC as a competitor but we don’t want to duplicate efforts and should engage them in some way regardless
    • We want to think about maintaining the SPM brand and coordinating our message in the long run
    • Any relationship with the ONC would take a great deal of time commitment because they operate at a very different pace that SPM
    • Could we co-host each others seals with a clear definition of how each institution supports each other?
  • We want to move quickly and get a draft together for the ONC (Danny)

5. Capturing the story of Alan’s friends

  • JOPM to record it
  • We could use it as a use case for capturing and recording other patient stories
  • There might be some partnership with Health 2.0 TV

6. Digital health coalition e-patients bill of rights wants to align with SPM’s mission

  • Deb still wary of what this means for SPM  brand
    • Sarah clarified explaining their different take on e-patient and how they might be changing the name to something other than “bill of rights”
  • They seem well on their way to creating a tool kit similar to what SPM had plans to develop
    • Alan frames it well : It would have been great if SPM had already accomplished an e-patient tool kit – The second best thing would be for us to gear up and create it right now –  But it’s important to note that a tool kit is going to happen anyways and we should aim to be apart of it.

7. CME Module (Sarah)

  • As exec board liaison, Sarah will work with Nancy Finn and others to discuss collaboration with other e-patient groups
  • Exec board in support of developing an SPM CME program
  • This team will also look in to the industry funding or grant opportunities that might exist if we are able to establish CME


Patients Association in Canada  has partnered with another organization to produce a seal program call Patient’s Choice awards. What can we learn from this? How are we similar? How are we different? Should we partner?