Minutes Exec Committee 11/29/12

Participants: Hugo Campo, Larry Chu, Dave deBronkart, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Michael Millenson, Danny Sands

11/1 Exec Committee Minutes – Approved

Seal Update:  John Grohol

Log in related to Facebook and Twitter resolved still working on Linked In. –

Changed messaging instructing people how to narrow their search and be more precise. Changed terminology from doctor to clinician and healthcare provider. Clarified that a doctor or a patient can nominate him or herself and take the pledge

Michael will work on additional verbiage changes

Planning a meeting to address communication for the Seal program. Exec committee agreed to take another look at the site and suggest  additional changes

We do not have a firm completion date from technical team, although the program is mostly completed. .

Exec Director Update, John Grohol

Interviews completed, final selection underway with goal of hiring someone by the beginning of 2013.

End of Year Letter, Sarah Krug

Sara proposed sending out a letter with holiday greetings and 2012 highlights and accomplishments to the membership.

Communications, Michael Millenson

Michael held a meeting of the communications work group with Carla Berg, Ileana Balcu and John Lebkowsky. Focus of discussion was how to maintain closer contact with members and increase volunteerism. Ideas included:

Form work groups and teams that will drive the program ideas emerging on the list serve.

Engage more members through social media including Facebook and Twitter

HIMSS, Sarah Krug

Awaiting  countersigned agreements.  Includes: potential for collaboration on webinars, opportunity to be included as a non-voting advisor seat to their committee,  collaborator for the 2013 patient engagement forum, and opportunity for a complimentary table top exhibit space.

Patient Travel Scholarships, Sarah Krug

Goal is to continue to fund patient travel expenses for certain conferences that we will identify.  We will ask patients who accept these funds to write a blog post for us on the conference they attended.

Need to develop more formal criteria around the grants.

Discussions underway with Regina Holliday regarding additional crowd-funding campaigns.  Regina is also donating $10 from each sale of her book to the Society.