Participants: Dave DeBronkart, Kyra Bobinet, Donna Cryer, ,Nick Dawson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, Terry & Joe Graedon, John Grohol, Jane Sarasohn Kahn, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Josh Seidman, Joe Ternullo, Jonathan Wald.

Alan Greene, Founder, regrettably is resigning from the SPM Board after serving since the organization was founded. He will remain on the Society’s Advisory Board and will be as involved as time permits,
Board member Joseph Ternullo has been appointed Vice President of the Massachusetts Health Quality Partners.

Minutes Approved

We are looking for nominations for President Elect and for two members-at-large. John Grohol’s term is up as Treasurer but he has agreed to re-nomination. Elections will be held in early September.

Committee Reports:

Internal Communications Nancy & Dave
Carly Medosch has volunteered to do the newsletter. She is getting familiar with Mail Chimp and will get out an issue soon.


  • The Listserve is the current face of the organization that every new member is seeing. It needs to improve, perhaps by moderating it.
  • Our Facebook member page has approximately 100 participants. We will monitor the Facebook page and encourage more members to sign up.
  • We have to be careful not to have too many internal communication platforms, or they will diffuse one another.
  • Over the next month the committee will formulate a definitive plan about internal communications.

External Communications, Donna Cryer

We have an offer for the services of a Tufts University Student who is completing a class project for Lisa Gualtieri at the Tufts School of Medicine, to construct a digital marketing strategy for twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.
The External Communications group will submit a more comprehensive report in four weeks.

Value Proposition – Donna Cryer, Nick Dawson, Joe Ternullo, Kyra Bobinet
The group is working on a one-page value proposition that will be ready within the month.

Development: Joe Ternullo
The Committee is crafting our strategy for the Connected Health Symposium in Boston in October that attracts over 1,000 high profile innovators, researchers and C-Level Executives. We need marketing materials including a one-page flyer about SPM, a volunteer to organize a reception and several individuals who will help staff a table. Volunteers will receive a discounted registration to the conference.

We are also working on a visibility campaign at the Patient Engagement and Experience Summit (World Congress) in Boston on September 17, 18. SPM will have a panel of speakers including: Joyce Graff, Leslie Levine, Peter Elias, and Nancy Finn, with Joe Ternullo moderating. Danny Sands will also be speaking at this Summit. The SPM logo is prominently visible in their brochure and we will use our one-page flyer to market the Society to the attendees.

Membership – John Grohol
Our membership growth is flat this year. We need to be promoting life membership. Waiting for the completion and approval of the value proposition before launching a membership recruitment campaign. John proposed that we conduct a comparative study on what other similar patient member organizations charge for dues to evaluate whether our dues are in line.

Learning Exchange – Sarah Krug
The Learning Exchange is an opportunity for members to present their own work and learn how our members are collectively moving the needle for participatory medicine.

We are seeking members who may have a Go to Meeting or WebX account that they are willing to donate to the society to conduct the Learning Exchange.

The next board meeting is October 6, 2015