Participants: Kyra Bobinet, Donna Cryer, Nick Dawson, Dave DeBronkart, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, John Hoben, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Peggy Zuckerman

Progress to Date:   Assessing Board performance, general discussion:  Danny Sands
Consensus that there is a high level of energy among our Board and among our members.
Discussed the logistics of hiring a paid professional who can help us organize and implement our strategy.
Agreed that expanding the concept of participatory medicine through education initiatives is key.

Internal Communication, John Hoben
We have editors for all the monthly newsletters through much of 2017 thanks to great response from our members.

Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug:
The first Learning Exchange webinar will be launched in the early Fall.  Sarah is working with the group of presenters to fine tune the program.

Fundraising, Kyra Bobinet
Kyra has put together a comprehensive prospectus to serve as boilerplate that each Board member can adopt to have a conversation with a prospective corporate sponsor. Nancy will collect headshots from every board member for the prospectus which includes the following elements:
1. Guidelines on sponsorship of a packet of webinars, co-branded with SPM
2. Train the “trainer” programs in participatory medicine
3. Corporate packages offered on a sliding scale

Student Intern Donna Cryer
Donna will put out a proposal to find an intern in the Washington D.C.  area who can work with us over the next nine months

Listserv and other Communication Options.  Danny Sands
One of our best practices is our expertise in community and conversation.  For several years the core of our community and conversation has been the listserv.  We are researching ways to advance our SPM communication platform in a more contemporary and intuitive way to a web-based platform.  We are seeking members who have expertise to determine the platform best suited to our needs.

Next meeting Tuesday, July 26, 2016