Participants: ,  Dave DeBronkart,  Kyra Bobineck, Donna Cryer, Nick Dawson,  Nancy Finn, Eric Glazer, John Grohol, John Hoben, Sarah Krug ,Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Mark Reifstek,  Peggy Zuckerman,

Minutes approved

Strategic Goals Discussion, Joe Ternullo
1. To further the mission of the organization and ensure that  the organization is sustainable?
2. To Increase our stature Question: Hhow do we achieve our strategic goals? Will the ripple effect drive individual and corporate membership to advance the mission and our sustainability?
3. How do we cultivate leadership among rank and file members of this organization?
4. What is our goal regarding communication?
External communication is important to position us as thought leaders
Internal Communication – the listserv is not enough, we need to have frequent expanded internal communication including  a town meeting.

Town Meeting: 
Who is going to facilitate the town meeting?
Each board member will pick one focal area and lead the effort.

Wireside chat: Who leads?  Who sponsors? Do we have a member who is interested in putting this together?
Note: There will be a wireside chat lead by Danny Sands on Thursday afternoon Feb 11, 4 pm, using Uberconference.

Other Strategic Goals:
Bolster submissions to JOPM; seek corporate sponsorships in connection with journal publications
Cultivate new leadership, reach out to the membership
Develop signature programs e.g. Learning Exchange. Continue support  and expansion of the Learning Exchange and other ways to highlight great things our members are doing to move the participatory medicine needle ahead
Establish SPM involvement at 4-5 conferences e.g. Connected Health Med X Health 2.0.

Development Strategic Goals

Launch SPM fundraising effort for individual and corporate giving, led by a board member with a general member chairing. This campaign is for both individual and corporate sponsor levels. Must be fully transparent to our membership as to what we are doing with the funds that we want to raise. We need to have metrics on what is a win on each one of the focal points.

Create workgroups and special interest group led by members
Bring on paid staff to help with fundraising, member development, raising our stature.
Mine the membership to find individuals who will lead? Develop a member recruitment kit.

Medical Education

Development of a one hour curriculum in patient engagement for the Office of the National Coordinator Peter Elias will work with Dave.  Need another patient to join this effort.