Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Peggy Zuckerman

Minutes Approved

SPM at Health Datapooloza, Danny Sands
SPM will sponsor an informal get together at the 7th Annual Health Datapalooza Conference in Washington, D.C., May 8-11.  A notice/invitation will be sent out to all members.

Curriculum Project, Patient Engagement, Peter Elias
Key topics for the curriculum posted on FreedCamp include:
Background and Definitions
Psychology and Behavioral Economics
Information and Communication
Technology and Tools
Peter Elias requested that individuals who have ideas about a curriculum in participatory medicine should contact Tracy Zervakis for access to FreedCamp so they can add their thoughts.

Research Library, Danny Sands
The establishment of a participatory medicine informatics research database with an academic center is moving forward.  We will be issuing a press release to announce this cooperative effort and will publicize it on our website and on our blog tadalafil citrate.

External Communication, Nancy Finn
The project plan for External Communication has been completed by Nancy Finn, Dave deBronkart and Eric Glzer and has been posted on FreedCamp.  The essential elements include:
Enhance publicity for our Journal and Blog, public Facebook page SPM Linked In Group Page, with social networking via Twitter
Make greater use of the tracking metrics of the journal and the blog, available from our ISP, to determine strategy
Add a Resources Tab on our Website under which there is: an online media kit/fact sheets and a comprehensive slide deck that members can use when they are speaking at conferences and forums.
Create a media calendar to enhance our promotional efforts
Institute a Participatory Medicine hacking initiative.
We are seeking individuals from our membership who have professional expertise in marketing communication and can help with these initiatives.

Next meeting Full Board, May 17, 2016.