Executive Committee Minutes,November 29, 2016

Participants:  Nancy Finn,  John Grohol,  Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald Tracy Zervakis, Peggy Zuckerman
November 1 Board minutes approved
Retreat recap
Tabled for the next meeting.  Nancy to create key points document.
Membership Update Tracy Zervakis
Current membership is 450 members.
We are embarking on a campaign to ask each of our current members to bring in one or two new members.  They will receive a boilerplate letter they can use to invite prospects and colleagues to join SPM.
We have an ongoing campaign to recruit the 1800 members of our Linked In SPM group, most of whom are not members of the Society.  That effort to date has not resulted in more than one or two new members.  Suggestions related to Linked In include:
1. Change that group to a member only group.
2. Moderate all the discussions.
3. Send all 1800 members a special code to become a member for six months at no charge.
The membership committee feels that the website update and the launch of the Higher Logic platform will help with recruitment of new members.
Dues Increase
We discussed an increase of our annual membership fee at some point in the near future.  In our membership drive we will encourage people to join SPM before the dues go up?
Member Retention
We need to promote our Facebook group more actively so that more patients, providers, caretakers and others will find us.
We need to draft some of the people who are unhappy about our move from the listserv to a forum discussion group to become Beta Testers for Higher Logic.
Joe is reaching out to existing and new members to get them more interested in becoming involved in SPM.
Officer and Board nominations update
We are trying to finalize the candidate for President Elect for 2017
Higher Logic
Sixteen members are helping with Beta Testing.
Corporate Memberships
We have several opportunities being worked on and will announce more when we have specifics
Journal for Participatory Medicine Update
Danny sent out a letter to the SPM membership to find volunteer editorial assistants. There are 4-5 members interested.  We are also in conversation with the publishing Director of JMIR publications about working with them under the JMIR umbrella.



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