Board Meeting February 14, 2017

Participants: Dave deBronkart, Kyra Bobinet, Judy Danielson, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, Terry Graedon, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Bruno Nardone, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Susan Woods

Minutes from Board and Executive Committee approved

Treasurer and Membership Report   John Grohol

We have approximately 400 members.  The membership numbers are up over last year but flat since Jan 2017

Volunteer Recruitment  Danny Sands

Danny Sands has developed a form on Google Docs where members can indicate their specific skills and interests to volunteer.  We will match the skills with ongoing projects.  Emails will be sent to  members who sign up to volunteer.  Emails will also be sent when members renew requesting that they update their profile,

We currently have 21 new volunteers as a result of this initiative. Project leaders will be  connecting with these volunteers and assign them tasks. We will develop an email that is sent automatically to all prospective volunteers.

JOPM Terry Graedon

The Journal has just published its most recent article and has  more articles than ever before in the queue.  A high proportion of these submissions are research articles.  We also have more people signed on as reviewers and continue to look for additional reviewers.

The Board voted to transition the Journal to become part of JMIR Publications, a leading e-health publisher. Under the arrangement, the Journal would be jointly published by both JMIR and S4PM and continue its focus on participatory medicine.  Contract talks between the two organizations are underway.

Learning Exchange Sarah Krug

The American College of Radiology will be the next Learning Exchange presenter.  This webinar will take place in late March and will focus on the cost of care.  Future Learning Exchange, presentations will be limited to members only. An archive of all the webinars from the Learning Exchange  will be available to the members of  S4PM.

Website Update  John Grohol

Our volunteer, creative web designer, Martha Conners, has pulled together the creative for the website and is starting to work on wire frames and visual layout.   Anyone who has an interest in contributing their thoughts can do so by contacting  John Grohol.

Advocacy/Public Policy Danny Sands

David Harlow has led S4PMs advocacy initiatives since the organization was started.  He has now asked to step down as the lead on these policy initiatives.  We are seeking individuals who would be interested in public policy work.  Please contact Danny.

Speaker Packet Danny and Dave

Danny and Dave have developed a packet of materials, including a slide deck so that members of S4PM who speak at conferences will have the tools they need. Bruno Nardone is developing a policy to facilitate members who wish to  become certified speakers on behalf of the Society.  Once certified, members will be able to optimize their presentations with the slide deck and other tools.

Summary of Board Retreat To Dos:

  • Connecting membership to leadership  will now be accomplished through the Higher Logic forums. We are targeting March 1 for  board members to hold discussions using the Higher Logic platform.
  • Funding for Education –  Kyra and Sue are reviewing opportunities and will bring ideas to the next board meeting.
  • Internship Program We need a volunteer to help find and mentor an intern.
  • Marketing  We are finalizing copy for the SPM brochure and positioning brief and expect to  complete these documents  by the end of February. From the brochure, we will produce talking points and a slide deck.  All of this is intended for use  at conferences and to pitch corporate prospects. Our  revised website will have an online version of all collateral. We are also working on a definition of participatory medicine and on the acronym SPM/S4PM.
  • Member recognition – Joe Ternullo is working on a process that publicly recognizes members for their achievements.
  • Spring Conferences – HIMSS reception  with Conduent  is confirmed.
  • Engagement –  Kyra is developing a plan to keep our members engaged and willing to make a financial commitment to the organization.
  • Research Library  the joint effort between S4PM and Weill Cornell to build a research library in participatory medicine is official and  we are announcing this collaboration  through  our PR list

The next board meeting will be held on March 21.



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