Submit a Proposal for a SPM Strategic Initiative

Do you have an initiative you would like to propose? The goal of our strategic plan is to provide the organization with a foundation to build upon. We’ve put in place four key pillars: Community Building, Advocacy/Policy, Research & Education through both internal and external conversation with a variety of healthcare sectors. However, this is just a place to start and the building blocks must now be put in place.

If you have an idea and are willing to lead it, please complete the below form to take your idea from concept to action!


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1. Project Working Title

2. Goal Alignment
Which SPM goal/pillar does this initiative align with?

3. Current Environment; Problem or Opportunity
What issue could SPM address with your proposal?

4. Project Description/Executive Summary
Brief overview of the project, approach and scope.

5. Project Objectives
What is the desired result? How, specifically, will we know we’ve succeeded?

6. Factors Critical to the Initiative’s Success
What issues need to be managed? Are there risks, technical challenges, things that need to be put in place along the way, resistance from others?

7. Measurements to Success:
Project Milestones & Projected Timelines If things go well, what will you have achieved along the way and what deliverables will result?

8. Team Lead & Members
Who willl do the work, manage it and monitor progress?

9. Collaborative Partners
Will we be engaging with others outside SPM?

10. Executive Committee Sponsor
Member of the executive committee who will be your touch point on project.