Working Groups

The Society for Participatory Medicine has a number of working groups (also called quickteams or committees) that help forward the Society’s functions and mission. for anything below.

Communications Team

Michael Millenson
Ileana Balcu
Carla Berg
Jon Lebkowsky
Kathi Apostolidis
Dave deBronkart
Nancy Finn
Kathleen O’Malley
Gangadhar Sulkunte

Led by
Indu Subaiya, MD MBA
Carol Peckham

Led by
Deb Linton


Corporate Membership and Fundraising
Led by
Danny Sands, MD
John Grohol, PsyD
Paul Wallace, MD
David Lansky, PhD
E. Michael D. Scott
Ann Rosas
Norma-Jeanne Hennis

Working Group on Goals
Ted Eytan, MD
Sarah Krűg
Jonena Relth
Deidre Walsh
Jon Lebkowsky
Thelma Leaffer
Susan Woods, MD
Greg Biggers
David Harlow
E. Michael D. Scott