Patients overwhelmingly believe in partnership with their clinicians to improve health

Click to download high res PDF

Click to download high res PDF

As announced on our blog, our Society has collaborated with ORC Research on a national survey of what patients / consumers think about the value of sharing digital health data with their clinicians.


These findings are summarized in the downloadable PDF infographic at right (also available as PNG):

  • 88% believe working with their providers as a partner will help with their health.
  • 84% believe self-tracking with devices and apps, and sharing it with their health team, would help manage their health
  • 77% believe it would help both of them – the provider and themselves
  • 76% say they’d use an easy, accurate device
  • 81% of those would be more likely to use one if it’s recommended by their provider

Additional information:

  • Detailed methods, survey questions and results table: PDF

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