Participants: Kyra Bobineck, Donna Cryer, Dave deBronkart Nancy Finn, Eric Glazer, John Grohol, John Hoben, Sarah Krug, Mark Reifsteck, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald,

Minutes Approved

2016 Key Initiatives
We discussed the purpose of our key initiatives and agreed that our focus should be on participatory medicine and specifically identifying and disseminating best practices in participatory medicine. Our Society needs to become the champion of best practices in participatory medicine.

Corporate fundraising
We discussed corporate fundraising prospects with no specific outcomes at this point.

Freedcamp is the platform that has been chosen for the posting, tracking and discussion of all of our key initiative projects.  Project plans are due to be posted by the team leaders on Freedcamp on April 1. Projects include:
Internal and External Communication
Learning Exchange
Curriculum for Patient Engagement
Journal for Participatory Medicine

American College of Radiology
We are working on a partnership with the American College of Radiology.

Journal update

We need to put together a project plan for the Journal.  Jon Wald and John Hoben will work with Terry Graedon and other interested Board members to discuss the Journal going forward.

Board Meetings

We will be having every two week project updates for the full board at the beginning of the Executive Committee Calls. The next full Board Meeting is on May 17,  2016