Participants: Kyra Bobinet, Mandy Bishop, Judy Danielson, Dave deBronkart, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Bruno Nardone Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods,

Announcement, Joe Ternullo,   Tracy Zervakis has resigned from the board due to personal reason.

Minutes: Approved

SPM Connect

We had a discussion about communicating using SPM Connect. The Higher Logic program is still be worked on to iron out all of the kinks.

Conference Update, Joe Ternullo

Two keynote speakers have been confirmed, Tom Delbanco, MD, Founder and CEO, Open Notes, Rushika Fernandopulle, Co-Founder and CEO Iora Health. Sarah Krug  is leading program development.   A program outline will be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Our known costs for the conference including catering which will come to @$50 per person including breakfast and lunch.  We have free basic audiovisual (microphones, sound system)  supplied.  An audio recording will cost $1800, and audio and video is  $3,000. A live broadcast is $5,000 and if we do a live broadcast,  we would have to get sponsorship. We agreed  to a  50/50 split on registration fees  with PCHA  which is definitely advantageous to us because if we do not attract the numbers we need, PCHA will assume a part of the shortfall..

We also signed an agreement with PCHA to promote the larger Connected Health conference and they will promote our one-day conference. PCHA has given us free exhibit space in the conference hall.

No formal announcement has yet been mad but a . A Save the Date has gone out to members. Registration has not opened yet. Geri and Danny are reaching out to corporate sponsors.  There are some promising opportunities.

Marketing Update, Judy Danielson

We have had a lot of social media activity spearheaded by Linda Stotsky. We are also developing a membership marketing strategy, including ideas about how to control member resignations.

Conference Marketing

During the PCHA two- day conference we will offer 50% discount to all individuals who sign up as new members  There will also be a  member discount to all individuals who register for to this conference, including a  discount offered  for our existing  members for the SPM one-day conference as well as a discount for the PCHA conference.

Fundraising, Lead Generation, Danny

We have had some good meetings with potential sponsors for SPM and are using the SOHO  system to track. Promising that people who give above a certain level are offered free membership for a year.Journal

JOPM Sue Woods

We have negotiated an agreement with JMIR publisher Gunther Eysenbach This alliance will be a big publicity opportunity for SPM.  We will make a formal announcement at the conference.

Travel Scholarship Fund, Sarah  

We will offer scholarships to patients who need assistance to attend our conference.  This money will help them defray their travel costs. We currently have $8K in the scholarship fund.  We are looking for sponsors to enhance that fund and a member who will take the lead in developing the policies for allocation of the fund. Our criteria for awarding these scholarships has been as follows:

  • A recipient needs to be a member of SPM.
  • The fund is open to all individuals who request assistance and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • We will require all individuals who wish to apply for a scholarship to write a letter
  • We will solicit members to serve on a committee to review and vet these applications.
  • This program is consistent with our mission to help patients have a presence at conferences

Leadership Development

We need to solicit candidates from our membership to serve on the Executive Committee as secretary and president elect

Other Conference Involvement

The Board voted in the affirmative to have the Society be a part of the conference of the Center for Business Innovation which will be held in Maryland. At that conference, the Society will participate in one of the panels.

Next board Meeting August 22.