Participants: Peter Elisa, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Linda Stotsky, Joe Ternullo, Susan Woods

Minutes Approved

Update on the Conference

Program. The agenda is being finalized and Sarah will post on SPM Connect.
We still need some moderators, scribes and patients for the eight table topics.
Registration Our speakers will have free registration for the SPM conference and Connected Health has given us a few free registrations as well. One person will be designated to register all of our speakers.
Marketing, driving attendance is critical and marketing is working hard to reach out to our members and ask them to reach out to all of their contacts. We are asking for our board members to commit to soliciting 10 attendees each. Our speakers are also sending out information on the conference to their contacts.
Sponsorships. Confirmed sponsors as follows:
Talking to Baxter
Talking to Vocera
Accenture: will commit $5000 for a webinar series (possibly as a co-sponsor) but have not targeted any funds for this conference.
Total: ~ $7500
Annual Spirit of Participatory Medicine Award:  We are working on a process for selecting and generating annual awards.
Conference Follow up The Executive Committee agreed that we should do an email survey of all attendees following the conference. It should be short, approximately three questions. It will be invaluable in helping us plan for next year.
Travel scholarships. We have an existing fund. and additional contributions from our sponsors. We agreed that we want to spend no more than 50% each year. Alexander Albin is drafting an interim policy for this conference, and she will flush it out for future conferences.

Membership drive: We have had difficulty finding someone to chair this effort over the long-term and we have members who are leaving the Society, We need to develop a membership recruitment and retention strategy, once the conference is over and put together a strong committee to execute this effort.

Retreat:  The retreat is scheduled for October 28 following the conference. It will be held at Joe Ternullo’s home. Members of the Board as well as interested members are invited to attend the retreat.

Leadership, development/Elections: We  had hoped to hold our election for the next term during the first week in November, however, the conference planning got in the way. We have postponed elections to the middle of December.We will transition to a new Executive Team in the middle of January.