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SPM Executive Meeting Minutes, May 8, 2018

Participants: Peter Elias, Judy Danielson, John Grohol, Sarah Krüg, Janice McCallum, Burt Rosen, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

April Exec Meeting Minutes approved.

Learning Exchange – Sarah Krüg

First Learning Exchange webinar will be held on May 29, 1 pm ET on the topic of Social Isolation. Vocera (one of the sponsors) will offer their WebEx & support for the event.

Need to promote the webinar using the appropriate WebEx account. Accenture will promote, as will speakers. Sarah has a draft email & will send to members via MailChimp. All board members are encouraged to share info on the webinar with their networks.

Work continues on recruiting speakers for future topics, which include mental health, new partnerships in healthcare, and digital hype v. reality. Let Sarah know if you know any potential speakers.

John Grohol can create the webpage for Learning Exchange.

SPM Conference Update – Joe Ternullo, Sarah Krüg

Contract, logistics:

Joe has set up a logistics control sheet on GDrive. First weekly meeting had anemic participation; will combine the logistics meeting with the Monday meeting for now. Also, timing for Monday meeting will likely change, since Danny Sands can’t make the current time.

Joe: ConnectedHealth folks were impressed with the quality of speakers & attendees we attracted last year. He suggests we appoint someone to be responsible for conference promotion. Burt recommends we consider a paid social media campaign.

Joe also raised the point that he is concerned that communications network is not reaching the majority of our members (used example of our newsletter).

Judy: Linda, Burt, & Judy are working on marketing strategy to push in summer. The plan will be completed around early June.

Travel support for speakers: If speakers have an issue with travel expenses, we can support travel for up to $1000. Based on last year’s experience, John expects about 10 speakers will need travel support this year.


Sarah: speakers are being actively recruited. Agenda for the day is taking shape.


Sponsor prospectusCurrent sponsor prospectus need updating, especially to include speakers. Until we have more confirmed speakers, we will include summary info on last year’s speakers.

Danny: goal is to have each board member bring in paid attendees & sponsors. Process: Introduce idea to prospective sponsor & then plan 3-way call with Joe or Danny.

Marketing – Judy Danielson

Marketing team has prioritized retention of members as an objective, along with promoting the conference.  

DSS survey is going out later than planned in May.

Cheryl DelGreco will work with us on PR on a limited pro-bono basis.

Working with someone Burt recommended on a style guide and sales deck template. She’s working for reduced fee. Style guide will have images, fonts, key messages, etc. Fee of ~ $1,100 has already been approved..

Member communication and engagement – Sue Woods

Peter has put together indepth analysis on Connect & what we should be doing to leverage it better. He suggests we comment on his document.

Next Executive meeting is June 12, 2018 at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice McCallum, SPM Board Secretary