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Participants: John Grohol, Sarah Krüg, Janice McCallum, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo

Minutes from July 10, 2018 meeting

July Exec Committee Minutes (Janice) approved                                                             

Doc Tom Award

Criteria are set, notifications started (President Letter, Blog post).

Needed now:

   – Judges. One Board member, 2 SPM members. Need to identify potential judges and get commitments from them.

   – Stimulate nominees. Ideas for cross-posting, getting the word out to encourage submission of nominees.

   – Mitigation: what if insufficient nominees? (Ideas? We should all nominate!)

Joe: Nancy Finn has been incapacitated due to injury, which has hampered her ability to work on the Doc Tom awards. The nominating process is as follows: send email to submit nominations.

Danny recommends we pick a date on which we make a decision: if we don’t have sufficient number of nominees, we should call it off for 2018. He suggests we communicate to the full board that we need each of them to submit 1 or 2 nominations. We should also ask social media group to beat the drum. Sue pointed out we need a committee of a few people to judge nominations. Joe: We also need a dignified, appropriate award that honors Doc Tom & the award winner.

Conference Booth

Sue and Judy (1 day) to be there. Janice will help. Booth 512. Joe probably won’t be there.  We need a couple more volunteers. New faces!! Ideas? Janice suggested Pat Rioux, who said she would help.

We are slightly ahead in number of registrations compared to last year at this time. However, we need to ramp up promotion to increase the numbers. It was noted that the registration process is extra clunky, especially for speakers, who are asked to register themselves and input their bio information in a separate process.

There is still a question of whether we need a break-out room for co-design session. Sarah will talk to Justin Kunkel, who is leading this session.

Complimentary Tickets (5)

Joe: Last year we didn’t use all free tickets we had. If there are 6 people who want the free ticket, how do we divvy it up.

Danny: Sue proposed we first ask people on the planning committee who would attend if they had free pass. If # is low, no problem. Also, it was agreed that volunteers who will do booth duty should get a free ticket. If we get a couple of exhibit hall passes, we could use those for the booth volunteers, too.  

Leadership nominations

There was a brief discussion about prospects on the List created by Danny & Joe.

We will probably bring 3-4 people on board in January. Danny suggests Amber Soucy (@WheezyNurse). He also emphasized that the President-elect position is very important. We need 2 members at-large and need a Treasurer. In addition, 3-4 board members. Janice recommended that candidates with some board experience is important.

Open Items

Danny reviewed his proposal for WEGO Health. We’d offer them 10 conference seats at $1000. Total commitment = $2500? They want to sponsor 10 patients as part of the deal. John Grohol pointed out that we’re creating a custom sponsor offer for them & we should offer equivalent deals to other sponsors. Joe encourages some flexibility in formatting the sponsorships.

Next Executive meeting is September 11, 2018 at 4 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary