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Participants:  John Grohol, Sarah Krüg, Janice McCallum, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Sue Woods

Minutes from October 9, 2018 meeting (Janice) approved.


Liz Salmi received her Doc Tom award plaque. We should post about it widely.

Sue spoke on NY State foundation panel on patient empowerment with Sarah.

Danny had call with Astellas about sponsorship. Very excited about working together; enjoyed the conference; will follow-up.

Janice, Matthew & Danny had call about org memberships & sponsorships. Key takeaway: great to raise money for conference, but we need to be reaching out now for next yesr. This is when budgets are being set. If we want to get a higher-level sponsorship, we need to get into the budget process early.


Janice questioned whether Dave Dolton has the bandwidth and appropriate expertise to deliver the recommendations and bylaw changes that we need. She hasn’t heard anything from him after initial call.

Joe Ternullo & John Grohol think we should create a priority list and see where updating bylaws and governance falls.

Sue & Janice emphasized that governance is a critical element of our organization, not just another activity.

Action: Danny will talk to Dave Dolton to find out where he is in the process and then we can decide how to proceed.


Discussion on the post-conference evaluation:

Sarah wants us to carefully evaluate whether the annual conference is the best use of our team. In essence, the question is whether there enough Return on Value relative to other alternatives.

Janice pointed out that we spent an awful lot of board meeting time on the conference. We need to make sure we’re focused on what our priorities are and what we want to deliver to members, not overly focused on the annual conference at the expense of other functions.

Danny counters that the annual conference brings people together and helps raise funds. Definitely thinks we should have a conference.

Sue wants board input on whether we should we share the survey results, given that there were a lot of questions about the manifesto and don’t yet have answers to we will have more information on the outcome and what we plan to do with the data. Note, Sarah is meeting on Friday with Justin Kunkel, who led the session. He has digitized the paper input and they’ll discuss. Sarah will update us and come up with a plan.

Exec Committee agreed that we should reconvene the event committee to review the evaluations & takeaways.  Joe recommended we have an open-ended debrief: discuss what went right; what went wrong.

Danny emphasized that we need to decide soon what & when we plan to do next year so that we can start planning for sponsorships (and venues, etc.).

Sue & Danny raised the possibility of co-locating with another event that has a mission aligned with ours, such as the Beryl Institute or Planetree. Also, the Society for Diagnostic Accuracy offered to have us co-locate. It was agreed we should consider alternatives.


Next Learning Exchange

Victor Montori; decided to postpone to December. Sarah will connect with Vocera to see if dates work for them.

December webinar is being postponed, too. Still undetermined. Grace needs a co-lead. Previous Vocera tech lead is no longer there.

Danny will reach out to Liz Boehm to see about sponsoring for another year.  He also pitched the Learning Exchange to Astellas as a possibility for sponsorship.

Sarah mentioned that the original plan for Learning Exchange involved engaging attendees before, during & after, but we were resource-strapped and couldn’t devote enough time to it.

In light of our resource constraints that are inhibiting the original execution plan for the Learning Exchange, Sue asks that we consider whether this is this the right activity? The topic will be discussed on the events call.

Leadership  Google sheets list

Sarah would like us to describe what attributes we are looking for in a president-elect; e.g., energetic, leadership qualities. She mentioned key elements many non-profits seek: work, wealth & wisdom. Some of the suggested high-profile candidates would be unlikely to have much time to devote to SPM, which wouldn’t be ideal for us.

Executive Committee members who suggested candidates for President-elect will reach out to the candidates to gauge their interest and availability. We also need candidates for Treasurer.

Next Executive meeting is December 11, 2018 at 4 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice McCallum
SPM Board Secretary