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Home » News » Board Minutes » Board Minutes, June 25, 2019

Board Members Present:  Helene Clayton-Jeter, John Grohol, Matthew Holt, Debra Cobb, Eric Bersh, Jan Oldenburg, Judy Danielson, Amber Soucy, Joe Ternullo, Sarah Krüg, Linda Mitchell, Sue Woods, Geri Lynn Baumblatt
Board Members Not Present:, Brian Eastwood, Danny Sands
Committee Chair Present: Deb Gordon, Membership

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome and Level-setting

Joe Ternullo

Several issues that need Board input.

Minutes from last full board meeting

Approval Deferred

Treasurer’s Report (Financial and Membership)

Debra Cobb

Current bank balance: ~$122,000.  10 new members. Number of members: 458.  Travel award balance $1,300

Conference Report

Joe Ternullo

Signature initiative: Jan chairs committees and reports back. No opposition. Full Board approval. Joe reports that we have sponsors. We have good volunteer support.  Board notified that 10th anniversary video is being considered.

Signature Initiative

Jan Oldenburg

Jan chairs committees and reports back. No opposition. Full Board approval.


Governance Committee

Linda Mitchell, Jan Oldenburg

See pdf in Drive>Board>Pre-reads for details.  Focusing on clarifying options in terms of membership structure. Memberships for Non-profits. Three modes are possible.  We operate like mostly like an informal membership program. Need to decide as SPM bylaws were updated in 2008 with term “members-at-large,” which changes SPM status.  Recommendation from Committee is that we be a Public-Interest (Cause-Based) organization.  Topic will be on next month’s agenda.


Adjourned at 7:20 — Next board meeting: July 23, 2019, 6 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary