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Home » News » Board Minutes » Board Meeting Minutes, April 28, 2020

Board Members Present:  Danny Sands, Debra Cobb, Eric Bersh, Joe Ternullo, Mary Hennings, Jan Oldenburg, Lynda Mitchell, Peter Elias (observer), Judy Danielson, John Grohol, Burt Rosen, Brian Mack, Matthew Holt, Geri Lynn Baumblatt

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome and Level-setting                                                    Sands

Announcements                                                                      Sands

COVID update; Eric and Brian lost aunts.

Minutes from last board meeting                                          Sands


Treasurer-Membership Report                                              Cobb

$166,000; 4 new members; Joe asks about Connect update.  Renewal due in August. Danny will research how to proceed.

Consultant Update                                                                 Hennings

Welcome to Lisa Thompson. Owns Sturbridge Partners. Worked with for-profits and non-profits. Sent document to Mary and Joe with requests for interviews with Board members, a data request list. Wants a deep understanding of organization. Works collaboratively. Wants meetings with full Board and one-on-one meetings. Mary reviewed the RFP and discussed Lisa’s qualities. Target date for implementation of Lisa’s plans is fall, 2020. Danny thanked Mary for her inclusive process. Danny happy that Lisa is on board. Lisa praises the process of how she was brought on. Lisa says she “doesn’t go away until we are happy” even if it means staying on beyond her contract. Matthew comments that Lisa should be free to tell Board when things are not going as expected. Lisa talked about her flexibility. Burt talked about what impressed him when talking to Lisa. Judy talked about Lisa not being a pushover. Joe insists he never said “women in Walden were pushovers.” (joke!) Jan asks whether Lisa will do a written plan to show everyone. Mary says yes, plus updates. Danny added that Lisa believes in the S4PM mission and has become a member. Lisa talked about her own experience within the healthcare system and how it made her a proponent of participatory medicine. Judy asked how we’re doing with sharing her ideas with members. Mary said with an update post. Lisa talked about wanting to interview current and past members. She will put a Statement of Work on website.

Signature Initiative Update                                                  Oldenburg

No report due to COVID-19. Waiting for response from the Patients Included website owner. Jan says we need to know about recruiting, framework and plan.  Fuller report next meeting.

Membership Plan Update                                                    Danielson

Not ready.

COVID-related marketing report                                        Danielson

Refreshed postcard. Need quote from healthcare professional and patient member. Logos for 8 sponsors can fit on postcard. Need to get print-quality logos. Blog post re: manifesto: Need volunteers to blog. Amber agreed to do posting “On the Front Lines.” Judy asked Danny to post from the front lines. Possible link on S4PM website to Annie Brewster’s website about COVID stories. Joe can help next week. Jan says Healthwise ( has good COVID information. Free for reuse. Danny mentions that companies affiliated with S4PM who have COVID information should be referenced on our website.

Conference Update                                                     Sands, Ternullo

Danny said we lost spring season. May lose fall too, because of COVID-19. We could do a virtual meeting, but in-person conferences have a fundraising component. Joe wants to regroup with Danny, Geri Lynn and Matthew to share ideas at next Board meeting. Geri talked about first virtual Chicago conference happening first week in May. Geri wants to hear from the Chicago community how they feel about these kinds of meetings and how COVID is affecting things. Joe thinks we should approach corporate members for donations in order to conduct a virtual conference and give companies a chance to voice their message. Conferences longer than 1 hour are hard to do. Geri talked about a networking app that allows person-to-person discussions, much like speed dating. Brian says all SPM live Town Halls canceled for 2020. Brian has done well getting sponsors for an virtual event in May. Sarah talked about virtual conferences which can be long and monotonous. Said to look at conferences that have been archived. Lisa talked about Simmons Women’s Leadership Conference. Susan Grady, who runs Simmons, did a great job. She would be someone to consult with to learn about how to create a virtual conference.

Voice of the Members, M-a-L Update                                 Mack

Virtual Town Halls have been scheduled on SPM calendar. They are on 2nd Wed. of odd months, starting May 13, 7 – 8 p.m. ET. May 13 meeting related to COVID-19. Focused on personal experiences of individuals. Lots of collateral damage to society (delayed medical treatments, surgeries, etc.) Brian will reach out to those who have been active on Connect to ask it they want to participate in the Town Hall. Danny says Amber may not be able to actively participate given that’s she’s on the front line of COVID-19.

Summary: How did it Go?                                                   Sands

Eric: meeting went well! Others agree. Danny says consultant is going to be very important. We need to support each other.

Adjourned at  7:35 — Next board meeting: May 26, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary