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                    Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

                                                                             Special Meeting


Members Present : Bersh, Cobb, Mack, Hennings, Sands, Grohol, Mitchell, Rosen, Danielson, Krug, Holt, Clayton-Jeter (joined late)

Full attendance record available here

Sands convenes meeting.

Welcome, Goals and Updates                                                     Hennings

Meeting to decide about hiring ED. Several years ago SPM had an ED and there were problems. Lisa T. thinks 60K would pay for an ED (on the low end). ED will need at least two years to make a difference. Cash flow estimates were done. If ED could raise enough to cover their salary SPM would break even.  Resurrecting Annual Conference is another way to raise money. Danny says this is an important step: we need to “bite the bullet” to make changes. Brian asks what is the source of money in treasury – answer: combo of member dues, sponsorships and, in prior years, the conference. Matthew asks how much we netted from last conference: 6K. Danny suggests there can be fundable elements we are working on, plus ED can help by reaching out to Board members to their contacts. Judy wants to know who would vote “no” on an ED. Sarah talks about the risk. We will have to change the way we run as a board: “give and get.” Lynda worries about our weak revenue model. Says ED will be looking at our cash flow to see whether they can make a difference.  Also, can we really find an effective person for [the salary level proposed]? 

Lisa T. can help us find an ED. Judy reminds everyone that we “don’t actually have a revenue model.” Matthew asks how else could we spend the money we already have.  Are there initiatives we could move on? Eric asks about what if ED needs money for new initiatives?  Where does that come from?  Danny: We’re at a critical inflection point. We could bring on an intern. We may need other volunteers. John G. asks us to remember the stumbling blocks of the last ED we brought on, five years ago. We have to be prepared to support the fundraising events the ED proposes. To clarify: Mitchell Fdn. grant is 30K for the next three years. We will know when money will be coming for next year by Jan. 2021.  We have also been granted 10K by Mitchell Fdn. for the search for an ED. Danny: We have some parts of Board helping the ED, others are not. How do we handle that?  Mary: this is one of the hardest things to change in a Board. We may have to face that some Board members may drop out as circumstances change. Lynda suggests it is good time to get re-commitment from Board in this new situation – or part ways. Brian agrees. Asks “what does that commitment mean?” Burt suggests SPM has a POV and we need to stick to it. Danny: this is really about survival.  We need to shake things up. Sarah: what if we can’t find an ED for [proposed salary level]? Burt: should we agree on a range of salary for ED?  Motion to vote on salary range made and seconded. Vote made and approved.

Updates                                                                                            Hennings

Lisa and Mary working on governance. Lisa is at end of her engagement. Lisa has made some tradeoffs in her assignment. Danny: there have been internal discussions about Lisa joining the Board. Lynda Mitchell interested in being part of fundraising.

Feedback on today’s meeting

Send email to Mary.

Adjourn — 7:00 p.m.

Next Executive Committee meeting: 12/8/20

Next board meeting: 12/XX/20

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh

Board Secretary