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Board Members Present:  Danny Sands, Debra Cobb, Eric Bersh, Joe Ternullo, Sarah Krüg, Mary Hennings, Deb Gordon, Jan Oldenburg, Sue Woods, Lynda Mitchell, Peter Elias (observer), Judy Danielson, John Grohol, Helene Clayton-Jeter, Burt Rosen, Brian   Mack, Matthew Holt, Dave deBronkart, Amber Soucy

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome and Level-setting                                       Sands

Announcements                                                             Sands

Goals of meeting.  See topics below. John Grohol and Danny presented progress report to founders meeting.  We will receive 30,000 contribution from founder’s wife. Danny is working on how we deal with Connect.

COVID-19 And You                                                         Sands

Helene talks about misleading and erroneous info on YouTube.  Brian in quarantine.  Matthew talks about a friend who has contracted the virus. Jan’s husband in hospital for completion of cancer treatments.  Danny working from home.  Likes telemedicine. Burt talks about how the world of telemedicine will now start to explode.  Matthew talks about converting ASCs to ICUs.

Minutes from last board meeting                               Sands


Treasurer-Membership Report                                   Cobb

$165,000, no receivables. Jan asks about report showing who owes what. Debra says that is available.

Consultant’s Report                                                       Hennings

Interviews being conducted this week. Three applicants. Burt congrats Mary on her hard work.

Signature Initiative, Next Steps                                   Oldenburg

Starts with explanation of “Patients Included” (PI) brand. A set of principles for communities of interest. Document available on Google Docs. Treated as a set of resources.  S4PM can expand dramatically on the original work. Lucien would be honored if we adopted it. Spong not interested in S4PM taking over the website. Wants to continue with it. deBronkart adds that we should not think of ourselves in competition with PI website. Learned we are free to create version 2.0 of the website. We need a written agreement between ourselves and PI.

Outreach to S4PM community. Geri investigating Society members by interest.  Not possible to do within our database. John G. has offered to help. Says yes, it’s hard but can be done. Danny says this is part of shortcomings of our system. Important that we find Society members who are interested in working on PI. Danny suggests a survey to membership to find interested persons. Mary asks about costs associated with planning to adopt PI. Project Manager, website maintenance are other areas of expense. There will not be any direct revenue from the PI project. However, can be used for grants, contributions, etc.

Next Steps: formalize approach to Lucien and Andrew. Jan will update Board on April 28.

Conference Update                                                    Sands, Ternullo

No update.

Membership Plan, Tier 1                                           Judy, Deb, Amber

Deb discusses membership renewals. Working on messaging to new members, including Manifesto. Thinking of adding a welcome from a Board member (semi-automated). For lapsed members, a new communication including an exit survey, also semi-automated. Geri suggests communicating with members well before their renewal is due, asking how satisfied they have been. John notes that system has pre-fixed distribution times for automated messaging, but can be modified.

Ambassador Program: engage members with role in building the organization. Expectations not created yet, but some preliminaries have been set – One year period.  Benefits: Free membership. Badge or ID for social media. Tools for tracking. Can be feeder system to the Board. Judy suggests that Ambassador could help involve people in Signature Initiative. Amber reached out to Boston Young Healthcare Professionals (nonprofit org). Working on details about how to partner and mutually-benefit. They would be featured on our website and co-brand the Manifesto. Board members would provide very specific goals. Jan adds that this is good tool for members to share the passion of their own goals in joining S4PM. Deb will update Board in April.

Voice of the Members, M-A-L Update                     Brian

Wants to reenact Town Hall series – currently 3rd Tuesday of odd month.  Can we switch to even month from 7:30 – 8:30 ET? Danny says decision up to Brian. Will send out schedule on Connect. Wants to pull down site analytics from Connect to see what topics people are interested in. John Hoben’s posting of British best practices article, for example. Geri contributing webinar updates on COVID-19 by Eran Kabakov ( Peter Elias’ responses about fast moving coronavirus getting a lot of interest on Connect. Brian wants Board members to inform him about anything he might have missed. Danny thinks it’s important work.

Summary: How did it Go?                                         Sands

Assign a person to watch time. Meeting went well.

Adjourned at  7:35 — Next board meeting: April 28, 2020, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary