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Board Meeting Minutes, April 27, 2021

Board Members Present:  Danny Sands, Debra Cobb, Eric Bersh, Mary Hennings, Burt Rosen, Brian Mack, John Grohol, Jan Oldenburg, Sarah Krug, Matthew Holt, Helene Clayton-Jeter, Sue Woods, Judy Danielson,

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome                                                                              Hennings

Minutes from last board meeting                                    Bersh

EB to send out link to last meeting.

Treasurer Report                                                               Cobb

Not much change from last month

ED Search Update                                                            Rosen, Grohol

173 resumes received. 45 reviewed. 3 were chosen for interviews. Lindsay de Santis put forward for consideration. Mary comments on the selection process as well as comments from the Selection Committee.  Fundraising skills determined as most important skill. Next steps, gather references and confirm candidate’s status with other organizations. Some concerns that candidates need to understand that ED role is full time and list of expectations. Vote on whether to move forward to Lindsay. Danny discussed call with Meredith re: funding ED in future years. Motion passes.  Mary thanks search committee.

SPM Strategy

Missing is settling in on what drives us forward. Critical to raising money. Mary asks for reactions. Reminds board to look at Simon Sinek TED talk about leadership. Judy says look at the what and how? Danny comments on some of the reasons.  Says we’ve gotten part of the way – Manifesto, Nexus. Sarah says does our “why” need to evolve? Helene comments that we need to focus on the “how.” Jan says we don’t have a how.  Problem with a why too. We are not clear about what life would look like if S4PM was successful. Brian talks about the “pillars” ideas originated by Sarah. Education, advocacy, among them.  Pillars spell C-A-R-E and can be found here:  Mary: “how’ needs tweaking and so does why. Burt talks about Board’s involvement in giving money to S4PM.  Strategy work needs to be done. Need people to be passionate. Helene: we need strategy needs to equal “action.” Burt: strategy needs to be a world-changer. Helene: inspirational, that leads to action like a lifetime membership.  Mary will assign a group to look into strategic direction. Sarah on Lisa’s work: how can her work be leveraged?  Mary agrees. Judy and Burt put together a statement based on the Simon Sinek concepts. Jan: we need to be focused. Sarah agrees. Mary says this is a process and everyone needs to get behind it.

Recruiting new Board Members

Mary quite concerned. Mary wants suggestions for more names. Mary concerned about being short-handed on Board members. Judy says suggest name with LinkedIn profile link.  Governance committee should be part of this process.

Marketing budget and other expenditure requests

Judy wants $1,500 retainer fund. Danny says committees like marketing should always have a standing fund.  Mary says someone needs to approve expenditure. Voted. Approved. $450 approved for editing Danny interview.

Other Business                                                                   Woods

Discussion of Journal of Participatory Medicine.  Transitioned to JMIR.  Goal is 20 publications/yr. Last year 22 papers. Only 2 submissions in Q1 2021.  Need a couple of academic board members to review papers. Need input on how to promote the Journal and ideas to solicit researchers to join editorial board. Most papers are about co-designing and co-production. Helene happy to cross-promote through LinkedIn. To get JMIR notifications ( you need to set up account.  Need to set your preferences.  S4PM mentions the JMIR journal articles. Jan suggests that blog writers and other writers in Society make references to JoPM articles. Sarah asks what is stumbling block for authors submitting articles. Sue says it may be that many authors don’t know about JoPM. Danny says Journal is a “gem.”

Update on Danny’s CAO work: 1) Beryl Institute wants SPM to be signatory to new initiative (human experience in healthcare. Connects to manifesto.; Matthew and Danny discuss the principles behind the proposal. Motion that we sign this. Approved.

  • Relationship with Katzenbach Center.
  • Test bed creating e-patients from young people as they grow (Rhode Island).


Everyone very engaged.


Adjourned at  7:30 — Next board meeting: May 25, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET


Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary