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Members Present:

Hennings, Mack, Sands, Ternullo, Bersh, Cobb

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Welcome, Goals and Updates                                                                         Hennings

ED Search Update                                                                                           Hennings

Interviews next week with search committee and some board members.  Trying for decision by end of April.  Randy House has withdrawn.  Other candidates have varying degrees of ED experience. Mary will send email to board to see who would like to participate.  Joe comments that any new employee is a big deal. Board needs to know details for state filing issues. Mary gave thumbnails of each of the candidates.

News/Updates                                                                                                 Hennings

Discussion of exploration of virtual and “real” conference.  Linkage to fundraising and strategy. Possible location at Northeastern U.  Possible major co-sponsor.  Danny and Judy fleshed out a working document.  Mary talks about possible objections by board members. Judy, Sarah and Mary getting together to talk about it.  Need a clear strategy about how we talk about healthcare. Re: ED search: candidates have said they are not clear on how SPM creates value for its members.  Mary reminds us that we are in the space among patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers and we need to decide how to work in that space.  What are our goals?  Mary brings up issues around a possible conference.  Eric says marketing committee feels conference is important to keep SPM alive and viable.  Mary says, she, Judy and Sarah and meeting about conference ideas.  Mary says may be interesting to collect interviews from a variety of sources to get ideas.  May want to talk to younger people and consumers .  Danny reminds Board that our current best case for showing what we do is around the manifesto and theme of conference would be not leaving anybody out.  Reminds Danny that another thing to focus on in the conference would be value propositions. Why should organizations adopt the precepts of the manifesto?

Suggestions for new board members.  Mary asks for suggestions.  Someone is advanced for consideration. Member asks candidate if they are interested.  Third person talks to potential candidate.  Mary says we need several candidates.  Steps would be 1) Board member advances a candidate, then asks that person if they are interested, 2) different Board member interviews the candidate, 3) referring Board member asks candidate if they are willing to run.  Candidates can come from SPM or elsewhere. Danny: we need to grow our leaders.

Danny: we have a Northeastern U student with a capstone project about how particular technologies enable the precepts of the manifesto.  Danny will let us know when project ready so we can publish it.

Danny has connection to PWC (Price, Waterhouse, Coopers) and its Katzenbach Center (, which is now focusing on the business of healthcare. Danny’s colleague at Center interested in partnering with S4PM.  Danny working on proposal on how PWC might support us and what they would get of a sponsorship. Mary volunteers to help.  PWC could become major Society funder and also help with business strategy. Danny speaking to key person in state of R.I. educational system.  State interested in creating e-patients out of students starting with middle school.  Talk of creating an education curriculum, testing and long term evaluation.  Danny busy building coalition among politicians, industry titans (i.e., Blue Cross/Shield), foundations, teachers’ union, etc.  Joe T. adds that everything mentioned has the “wow” factor.  Danny reminds Board that his new role as CAO is to generate new opportunities.  Danny mentions we are official HIMMS collaborator for 2021. Discount offered at conference if you mention the Society. We have two complimentary registrations.

Minutes from Last Meeting                                                                         Hennings


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Adjourn — 7:00 p.m. EDT

Next executive committee meeting: 5/11/21

Next general board meeting: 4/27/21

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh

Board Secretary