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Members PresentMary Hennings, Danny Sands, Eric Bersh, Brian Mack, Randy Houk, Sarah Krug, Joe Ternullo

Full attendance record available here. 


Introductions by Board members to Randy

Round robin with attendees.

Minutes from last committee meeting      

Danny moves that we accept the minutes.  Brian seconds. Accepted.

Treasurer-Membership Report                           


Review Draft Executive Committee Charter                     

Danny believes we need a subset of SPM meetings on regular basis.  Board agrees that we continue with Executive Committee structure. M-a-L is role we need to define more completely.  Other committee membership categories had no comments. Discussion around NY rules surrounding the “Responsibilities”section. Discussion around what Exec. Comm. can do without full Board participation. Randy asks about recruiting Board members. Sarah asks how we protect Exec. Comm. (EC). having too much to do (how to avoid burnout?). Providing a balance. Also discusses the importance of the M-a-L role. Mary agrees that we can’t put too much on the EC. We need to do annual goal-setting and connected to strategic framework of SPM.  EC is more of a coordinating role rather than “doing” role. Hinges on getting all committees working effectively. Randy says it will take a while to do this through the management transition. Randy will be working with EC on a regular basis. Randy will be added to each Connect committee group.

Review Process for Randy Houk payment & expenses

Paid twice monthly on Friday closest to 15 + last day of month.  Expense reports submitted to Mary and paid separately.

Conference: Plan B

Danny says early stages and needs more fleshing out.  No consensus on strategy.  Too late for Northeastern, but perhaps smaller conference before end of year.  We need to do events for many reasons. Making the Manifesto real is major push. Sarah and Joe part of committee working on this. Sarah adds need to set up competitive edge to what we do. No timeline to discuss this with the Board.  May be prepared to discuss with Board in August, but plans will still be loose. Mary asks the committee to identify time frame to discuss “preview” with Board. Sarah was concerned that August might be too early to discuss in any detail. Danny says he hopes group will come to a consensus about having items to discuss in August meeting. Mary says if we have a date (or a target) will help motivate the Board and get us moving.

Mary’s discussion with Robin Shapiro (HealthAdvocateX)


Org is similar to SPM.  Focus is on patient advocacy. Seattle-based. Small membership. Little money. The have upcoming conference at which Danny might speak (virtually).

Other Business

Next meeting we will discuss Charter and calendar for the next year. Danny says discussions with TWC is ongoing. State of Rhode Island PM initiative is still alive and well.  Mary asks for update in August meeting.

Mary and Randy meeting weekly.  Discussion around diversity in Board membership. Brian talks about Stacy Hurt and Kistein Monkhouse. Randy knows some possible candidates. Will report on them in next meeting.

Newsletter will go out week of 8/9 with cover story on Randy.  New blogs up.


Adjourned at  7:00 — Next meeting: September 14, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary