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Home » News » Executive Minutes » Executive Committee Minutes February 12, 2021

Members Present:

Bersh, Cobb, Hennings, Mack, Sands

Full attendance record available here

Welcome, Goals and Updates                                   Hennings

Largely a discussion about Governance Next Steps

  • Board member expectations
  • Board recruiting process
    1. General expectations
    2. Annual review process
    3. Committee charters
    4. Transition to new meeting frequency
    5. Committees you currently serve on: are you in the best place
    6. Boards on Fire – reading ($20/
  • Board Recruitment – Q2
    1. Transparent process involving whole board
    2. Gaps to fill in board capabilities
    3. ID of candidates
    4. Target goal – 2 members
  • Key board policies and procedures – Q4
    1. By-laws resolved
    2. Nexus – Danny concerned we may focus too much in this area. Mary says no, building bridges between committees.  Nexus will be renamed “Program” committee. Eric brings up setting goals for the organization
  • Asking Nexus groups for an update. Projects and role.

Minutes from Last Meeting                                      Hennings

Not discussed.

Proposed February board meeting agenda            Hennings

  • Governance
  • Nexus
  • Updates/Info
    1. NEU
    2. Manifesto
    3. Conference
    4. Newsletter released Feb. 12; Danny suggests creating an email alias so members can submit updates of what they are doing. Naming the newsletter, “The Participatorian;” Danny suggests having Sandra Augustin design the header
    5. Town Hall, 4th Thursday of month
  • How do we do Board consent agendas (standard updates, treasurer’s report; expectations from committees)

Feedback on today’s meeting

Send email to Mary.

 Adjourn — 6:45 p.m.

Next executive committee meeting: 3/9/21

Next board meeting: 2/23/21

Respectfully submitted,

Eric Bersh

Board Secretary