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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Danny Sands, Randy Houk, Joe Ternullo, Vera Rulon, Judy Danielson, Jay Spitulnik, John Grohol, Brian Mack

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome: Mary

Minutes from last Board meeting – Eric

Delayed until next meeting.

Exec Director Update – Randy

Need IRB approval for Mass Health Decisions project. Reapplying for a planning grant.  Project now split into two.  Planning grant results in late March.  Other grants Commonwealth; RWJ, United Way of Greater Plymouth, George and Sybil Fuller, Boston Foundation.  Corporate funding: RealChemistry (conference and Pavilion).  ACR (conference).  Tufts (Creative Learning Event). Randy looking for any contacts Board members may have. Grant review process being run by Vaughn.

Half-day Conference Updates – Judy

Matthew out ill.  Judy does update.  First CLE about the Manifesto.  Other themes seen through lens of manifesto, but topics differ.  High energy format; short sessions; good keynote speakers.  Mary would like milestones identified by this committee and others.

Governance – Joe

Committee has 4 members.  Focusing on 1) By-laws update, 2) Compliance , 3) Documentation and records retention.  Mary suggests Board looks at the list of revised by-laws.

Connect Update – Danny

Reviewed by Grohol, Hennings and Danielson.  Sands reviews two ways in which Connect can function.  Link available here: and on Slack. Judy asks “is there a clear ask” of the Connect group?  John explains why ListServe was a better engagement tool than when we moved to Connect.  Jay wonders whether we should look at engagement in general to shed light on Connect issues.

Membership Committee Update – Mary

Looking at trends in membership.  Membership has declined in individual memberships.  COVID was a factor due to lack of in-person meetings and conferences.  2019 member survey NPS was -19.  Another study looked at what members wanted.  Advocacy rated high.  Empowering people rated high.  Planning around three personas: Learners, Connectors, Change Agents.  Judy talks about targeting one segments with marketing.  Wants to discuss with marketing and membership teams.

Board and Self-Evaluation – Mary

Annual assessment suggested by Lisa Thompson.  Mary reviews the questionnaire. Decision to bring in a “devil’s advocate” around certain decisions. Working with communication channels is important consideration.  Self-assessment form.  Board members fill out.  Mary requests returning form in two weeks.

Other Business

Vera reaching out to members about Advocacy. Danny reminds Board to offer our connections to corporations for fundraising.

Mary gone from end of March to middle of April on family vacation.

 Adjourned at  7:30 — Next meeting: March 22, 2022, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh

SPM Board Secretary