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Members Present:  Mary Hennings, Danny Sands, Randy Houk, Joe Ternullo, Vera Rulon, Judy Danielson, Jay Spitulnik, John Grohol, Brian Mack, Tim Blevins, Astra Titus, Kistein Monkhouse, Matthew Holt, Sue Woods

Full attendance record available here.

Welcome: Hennings

Minutes from last two committee meetings

Postponed until next meeting.

ED Update and Fundraising: Randy

Matthew thanks Randy for help she has given him.  Mentions this is good time to seek sponsorships as companies are sitting on lots of cash.

Half-day conference update: Matthew

Think about who on Board knows healthcare companies who may be able to support us.  4 CLE’s are planned over 9-12 months. First event in Boston, focusing on the underserved. Chicago and D.C. also considered as venues. First event planned for June. Each event will be hybrid (in-person/virtual). Jay suggests connecting to HIMMS who will conference in Chicago, April, 2023.

Governance Committee Update: Joe

Mary, John, Joe looked at current by-laws and made edits.  Draft released to Board on 3/25 for review at April Board meeting.

Marketing Update: Judy and Mary

Look at “JoinSPM” landing page. Good intro to SPM.  Also look at collateral catalog on Google Drive in Marketing file.

Membership Committee Update: Mary

Review document in Google Drive.

Website Scope and Process: Vote

Goal is to proceed with refresh stage of website. Involves changing images and graphic layout.  New pages may be added. Marketing, Program committees involved with help from John Grohol. Possibly create a steering group to make sure website headed in right direction. Danny thanks the initial website committee for their hard work. Kim Whittemore and Vera Rulon will take lead on website refresh. Matthew suggests we take some of the burden off John G. to make the physical changes to pages. John mentions that a refresh takes a lot of people with expertise to execute. Sue talks about providing the Journal with it’s own special treatment.  Vera makes motion to approve short term refresh.  Seconded by Sue.  Approved unanimously.

Board feedback on self-assessment: Mary

80% of Board has talked to Mary. Trying to avoid group think. Avoid making assumptions about what others may be thinking. Be thoughtful. Be respectful. Clarify communication channels. Judy comments on the idea of becoming more “formal” and “corporate.” Judy suggests we replace that with “thoughtful.” Astra says key lies with holding each other accountable. Danny adds coming to meetings prepared. Need to be sure everyone is engaged in all important decisions (hear from everyone on critical issues).

CRM Recommendation: Randy

  1. Salesforce – easy to use. Applied for grant. Randy signed up for 30-day free trial.
  2. ZOHO – only allows for 10 customers.  Grant approved following this meeting, on 3/23.
  3. Hubspot – Randy not in favor. Didn’t like customer support
  4. Freshwork suggested by Matthew if all else fails.

Other Business

  • Amber Soucy Resolution

Danny makes motion to approve. Seconded.  Approved unanimously.

 Adjourned at  7:30 — Next meeting: April 12, 2022, 6:00 – 7:30 pm ET

Respectfully submitted,

Eric N Bersh, SPM Board Secretary