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About the Journal

From 2009 to October 2017, the Journal of Participatory Medicine has served as the Society for Participatory Medicine’s source of peer-reviewed scholarly content – essays, commentary and research papers – openly available on the Society’s website. Under the leadership of Editors Charlie Smith, Joe Graedon and Terry Graedon, the Journal has advanced the understanding and practice of participatory medicine among health care professionals and patients. Publishing over 200 peer-reviewed articles (Archive of pre-2017 articles).

The Journal is now transitioning into a new and exciting phase. The Journal of Participatory Medicine is now proudly published by JMIR Publications, with the Society retaining full editorial control. 

The mission of the Journal continues: to transform the culture of medicine by providing an evidence base for participatory health and medicine. It aims to advance both science and practice, focusing on six content areas: research articles, editorials, narratives, case reports, reviews, and updates on related research in other media. It explores how participation affects outcomes, resources, and relationships in healthcare; which interventions increase participation; and the types of evidence that provide the most reliable answers.

With this partnership, all papers will be indexed and identifiable across reference and literature databases. All papers in JMIR are open access to all, continuing the SPM tradition of transparency.  All articles submitted October 2017 or later are carefully copyedited and typeset, and XML-tagged for submission in PubMed Central and PubMed.

There are no publishing charges for unfunded research. There is a modest Article Processing Fee ($1500) in case of acceptance for grant-funded research or where authors have access to an institutional open access funds, e.g. COMPACT/COPE signatories.

ISSN: 2152-7202