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Keywords: Participatory medicine, EMRs, quality.
Citation: O’Malley K. SPM members weigh in on “quality.” J Participat Med. 2011 Mar 23; 3:e16.
Published: March 23, 2011.
Competing Interests: The author has declared that no competing interests exist.

The editors of this Journal are pleased (though not surprised) to see many reader comments posted in response to Dave deBronkart’s recent article, “Who Gets to Define Quality?” We’d like our readers know that a related conversation, also with many insightful observations by both patients and clinicians, is happening on the members’ listserv of our parent organization, the Society for Participatory Medicine. All posts to this listserv are archived for public viewing in real time on the Society’s website, going back to the listserv’s inception in December 2010.


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