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Keywords: Physician-patient communication, shared decision making, online resources, participatory medicine.
Citation: Kastner K. “Experience-Based Co-Design” Helps Providers Improve Care. J Participat Med. 2011 Sept 22; 3:e44.
Published: September 22, 2011.
Competing Interests: The author has declared that no competing interests exist.

The King’s Fund is a UK charity whose mission it is to understand how the health system in Great Britain can be improved. Their toolkit for health care professionals is designed to help professionals give patients a better care experience. Its design is unique, and resulted from a successful process of learning from patients. Instead of the usual audits or survey-based instruments, patients and healthcare professionals met face to face. In the toolkit’s video clips, patients and providers are clearly mutually respectful, and providers are open to hearing and learning about what was important to patients.

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