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Marketing Volunteers Wanted

The Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) is looking for some rockstars to join our Marketing committee and to help change the world. We are all about driving the conversation between patients, health care professionals and caregivers and we need your help! You will help us spread awareness of SPM, help get people engaged in the practice of SPM, and come up with some amazing ideas that you can own, execute, and talk about!

What’s in it for you? Wow, SO MUCH! You get to be part of the only organization that does what we do. You get connected to a network of well known healthcare thought leaders. You get to come up with ideas, execute them, measure their success and tell the world about them! And if that’s not enough, there’s always adding SPM to your LinkedIn and social media profiles, blogging about your involvement, and oh, so much more!

What are We Doing?

SPM created a Participatory Medicine Manifesto through crowdsourcing and the work of a big group of SPM members. Put into practice the manifesto would transform the culture of healthcare by driving conversations between patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals: they will listen to each other, respect one another, share information responsibly, promote curiosity, and work together as a team all because of the work you do!

Be part of this grassroots effort working with SPM co-founder and Chief Advocacy Officer, Dr. Danny Sands (, and a small team of professional marketers, healthcare professionals, thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

Who are We Looking for?

We are looking for creative and passionate self-starters who are excited  to join our all-volunteer marketing team dedicated to launching a national campaign to grow the awareness and practice of participatory medicine. If you are a creative doer, have the right skills and want to be part of a driven and fun team, please get in touch with SPM board members and marketing team members, Judy Danielson ( or Burt Rosen ( to learn more.

What roles do we need?

  1. Social Media people
    • Do you have tons of followers that hang on your every word? Do you get lots of birthday wishes through your social channels? Do you have life changing conversations through tweeting, posting, or blogging? We want YOU!
    • We need people who know social media. Not just the strategies, but how to get people engaged and talking and how to #GSD. Ever led a tweet chat? Yeah, we want to and need you!
    • We need a few hours a week of your time, or can work with whatever you can give us
  2. Writers and Communicators
    • Can you write better than this volunteer solicitation?
    • We need writers. Blog writers, email writers, campaign writers, just writers. People who can take our brand and write compelling copy all about changing healthcare for our 3 groups (patients, caregivers, health care pros)
    • How much time do we need? Probably whatever you can give!
  3. PR pros 
    • We need PR campaign pros to establish and promote our new Chief Advocacy Officer as THE thought leader in participatory medicine
    • We are very lucky to have Danny Sands as our Chief Advocacy Officer. Danny was one of SPMs founders, has a medical practice, is the CMO for Backpack Health, is an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and is active on the speaker circuit (so he’s not very busy…..). We need a PR person to help build a thought leadership plan for him and then put it into action.
    • A couple of days a month should do it! Bonus: you get to work closely with Danny!
  4. Marketing and Communications plan activators
    • Can you make things happen? Take a plan and put it into action?
    • An idea and a plan are only as good as they are actionable. We need organized doers who can work with lots of different people with different talents to activate marketing and communications plans and spread the word!
    • You can help activate a part or all of the marketing and communications plan, depending on how much time you have available. We’ll take what we can get!
  5. Website updates and list management 
    • Can you help make the SPM website a hub of exciting content on how to practice participatory medicine and bring the manifesto alive? Help manage the PM manifesto portion of website by finding and posting compelling  and leading edge content and  by measure website activity
    • Help ensure that everyone showing an interest in SPM and PM makes it onto our list of members and potential members and that we reach out and engage them.
    • Since this will be more about cursing content than creating it and we already have Mailchimp established as our ist management platform, we only need a few hours a week.
  6. Event planning and management
    • Participatory medicine is all about participation (!) so we want to bring people together to share ideas and stories and learn from each other.
    • Help us plan two awesome virtual events in 2021: a diverse and thought provoking panel of thought leaders and innovators who are driving change in healthcare AND a Participatory Medicine manifesto conference that will bring together patients, healthcare professional and caregivers to better understand how to put participatory medicine into practice
    • Sign up for one or both events and be ready to have fun rolling your sleeves up to put on these one of a kind events! The events will be in June and October and each will require 2-3 days a month leading up to the event.