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Nurse Family Caregivers Survey

Understanding the Experience of Nurse Family Caregivers & Nurse Managers/Employers

A group of SPM members has partnered with the Society for Participatory Medicine to survey nurses about their experiences caring for their own family members when they are ill, injured, disabled or have dementia.

  • If you are a nurse and you have ever taken care of for a friend or family member, we want to hear from you.
  • If you are a nurse manager or part of a leadership team that employs nurses, we also want to hear from you.

Nurse Family Caregivers
Nurses are often the first ones their families call on. This survey seeks to understand the experience of nurses who are or have been family caregivers: and care for their own family or friends who are ill, injured, disabled, or have dementia. Unfortunately, even with their clinical expertise, family caregiving and working can be extremely challenging. And like all family caregivers, it can impact their health, wellbeing and employment.

Nurse Managers & Nurse Employers
A sister survey was also created to understand the impact this has on nurse employers and managers.

These surveys seek to better understand the nurse experience as well as how family caregiving impacts health organizations, and teams. We hope they’ll provide insights into processes  and resources to better meet the growing challenges.

Please participate and share these surveys with others:

Nurse Family Caregiver Survey:

Nurse Employer/Manager Survey:

IMPORTANT: Because many organizations block GoogleForms, you may NOT be able to access these surveys at work. We recommend taking the surveys at home on your personal computer or on a personal device that’s not on the hospital’s/organization’s network.

The information gathered in these surveys will be aggregated and presented in November at the National Caregiving Conference in Chicago as part of the Family Caregiving and the Workplace Summit. This will include 2 panels: the first with nurse family caregivers, and a second panel with people in leadership positions at organizations that employ nurses. This will be followed by a participatory lab to work with attendees, including many working family caregivers, to identify opportunities and barriers, and to serve as a spark to action beyond the conference.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact Geri Lynn Baumblatt: