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Participants: Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Michael Millenson, Danny Sands,

Minutes: Feb 7, March 7th approved

Upcoming conferences:

Medicine X: considering the offer of a complimentary one-year membership to SPM for all individuals who sign up for Medicine X. General registration begins April 15. SPM fact sheet would be distributed at the show.

Health 2.0: SPM has been asked once again to do a Patients 2.0 workshop. Do we also want to do a full day SPM sponsored preconference workshop?

Communication Update

Recent press release announcing the appointment of our executive director picked up by several media. Need to do more of this.

Discussed the need to send a regular update to our members (monthly e-newsletter) updating them on programs and involvements of members in conferences, policy committees, etc.

D&O and Taxes

John reported that our taxes are paid and up-to-date. D&) insurance is being obtained.

Letter of support or endorsement of member projects for PCORI  

Discussed the need for a policy on whether or not we officially endorse research projects and funding proposals of members. Danny will investigate options for pro bono legal counsel to address any liability issues.

Listserve Forums, Updates and member communication

Ileana Balcu our member liaison joined us to outline some of the needs related to the Listserve membership, forums and updates. She outlined the need for volunteers to manage our social media channels and for better communication between the executive committee and the members by creating a newsletter and providing updates on what people are doing regarding speaking, writing, participation in policy and advocacy. Posting case studies, best practices and patient stories on our website; creating a form for members to propose projects and case studies. Ileana will be joining us again to continue this dialogue.