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Join Us! Advancing Health Equity Through Participatory Medicine

A Creative Learning Exchange event on June 16 in Portland, OR & Online

What is Participatory Medicine?

Participatory Medicine is a movement in which patients and health professionals actively collaborate and encourage one another as full partners in healthcare.

Health Union & SPM Will Collaborate on Patient Leadership Program

First-of-its-kind certification program will promote responsible patient leadership.

Open journal


How Trust Fuels Equitable Health Outcomes
Published 5/24/2023 in SPM Blog
At the Society for Participatory Medicine, we recognize trust and respect as a two-way relational dynamic essential to our mission to transform the culture of healthcare relationships so people can live their best lives (see... read more ❯


Participatory Medicine Manifesto

The manifesto was created by the members of the Society to help people understand what participatory medicine is all about.

Read & Sign It Now!

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