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Participatory Medicine for Educators & Speakers

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Are you a speaker who wants to talk about participatory medicine in your talk or workshop? We’ve developed these resources to be used by speakers and educators on participatory medicine.

Participatory Medicine References (PDF)
Academic papers and articles often cited in presentations; online links to various resources.

Our “Doc Tom” page
The story of “Doc Tom” Ferguson (1943-2006), who saw the future, coined the term “e-patient,” and worked with the pioneers who formed the Society for Participatory Medicine in 2009 after Dr. Ferguson’s death in 2006.

“e-Patients: How they can help us heal health care” (The “e-Patients White Paper”)
The manifesto Doc Tom was working before his passing:

SPM Brochure (PDF)

Joining SPM, as an individual or as an organization