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Participatory Medicine is a movement in which patients and health
professionals actively collaborate and encourage one another as
full partners in healthcare

Aging populations, innovation and technology are changing business as usual in healthcare.

High patient expectations
Technology enabled care
Focus on quality and costs
Big data use at point of care

The Society of Participatory Medicine thinks differently about solutions. We think medicine is best practiced as a collaboration between Patients/Family/Caregivers and Clinicians.

Technology Picks up the Pace of Change

Technology is rapidly accelerating our ability to connect with each other, to share, to amplify the
voice of the patient, to collaborate. Just one of the many reasons it is so important to get involved now.

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How Does Participatory Medicine Help?

There are three criteria that any initiative for positive change in healthcare will be assessed against. There is a body of emerging evidence that Participatory Medicine delivers on all three.
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Improved Health Outcomes

Shared decision making by patients and healthcare professionals lead them to make better health and healthcare decisions. And healthcare professionals who practice par-ticipatory medicine are able to better tailor care to their situation.
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Greater Satisfaction

Patients feel respected and in control when the healthcare process is transparent, informative, reasonably convenient and collaborative. A great benefit of Participatory Medicine is that healthcare professionals feel more satisfaction as well!
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Lower Costs

Existing and emerging studies show the link between patient engagement and better health outcomes leading to lower costs. Engaged patients have lower hospital read-mission rate and are more aware of the value of preventative care and early detection.



Shared decisions, engaged patients

Be Part of the Change!

The Society for Participatory Medicine provides a collaborative environment for everyone involved in a person’s healthcare to learn more, advocate for change, and become more informed about the benefits of participatory medicine.

Community & conversations

Patients, caregivers, advocates, doctors, nurses, policy makers and healthcare professionals engage in active discussions in our online community


SPM public policy committees work to inspire and influence public policy


Our peer-reviewed Journal of Participatory Medicine publishes the latest research


Webinars, online courses, presentations and workshops developed for both healthcare professionals and patients

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