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Our blog highlights items of interest to those in the world of e-patients and participatory medicine. Some of our most popular topics include e-patient stories, e-patient resources, problems in healthcare, medical records, news & gossip, patient networks, policy issues, positive patterns, patient/doctor co-care, patients as teachers, reforming healthcare, trends & principles, and why participatory medicine. Our newest blog posts are below. You can also subscribe to our blog via email.

Got Candles? Happy 30th Birthday to the World Wide Web!

“Vague but exciting…,” was the response Sir Tim Berners-Lee received when he submitted a proposal for an information management system (aka the world wide web) to his supervisor in March of 1989. Three decades later, we have hit a key milestone, and approximately half...

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SPM member Jeanne Pinder on TED home page

The famous TED Talks site is the holy grail of many evangelists. Aside from the extraordinary visibility it gives your message, and aside from the validation of your message (the site's tagline is "Ideas worth spreading"), it means you've gotten good at it....

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Sara Riggare is Swede of the Year in medicine

Sara RIggare, one of the earliest members of our Society, has just received a great honor: Fokus magazine ("Sweden's Time") has named her "Swede of the Year" in medicine. In the photo from the award ceremony she seems appropriately thrilled.:-) A Parkinson's patient,...

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So, about this “big data” thing …

On Facebook last Friday our member Carla Berg Nelson posted briefly about a new Psychology Today blog post, Data: the New Window into Humanity, by John Nosta. She tagged a number of other members (and non).  I know and respect Nosta from his days creating a LinkedIn...

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Meetin’ Up and Building SPM Community in Chicago

In Chicago, SPM members have been getting together for regular meetups. It’s been fun and exciting, and lots of us think it would be great to offer the idea to other areas. Here's how we started and how we do it - take it on and make it your own! This time last year...

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