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Memberships in the Society

The Society for Participatory Medicine has active, engaged members representing dozens of countries around the world. Our members include patients, physicians, nurses, caregivers, policy makers, consultants, and others who are part of the healthcare system in their country. Your support and contributions to the cause of participatory medicine will not only help you become better engaged with your own (or a loved one’s) healthcare and treatment options, but will also help spread the word about the value of participatory medicine.

Become a member!We rely on the support and contributions of our members. Your dues directly enable our programs designed to help forward the goals of participatory medicine. We provide a host of resources — such as our online community, groundbreaking journal, and creative learning exchange events — that are only made possible due to your continued support. When you become a member of the Society, you become a member of an amazing network of informed, dedicated patients and professionals who understand the value of a true partnership in healthcare.

Individual Membership

  • Access to read and participate in the Society’s online forums
  • Participate in events held throughout the year
  • Eligible for a Patient Travel Award to help defray expenses in traveling to a conference
  • Participate in Society face-to-face social meetings held throughout the year
  • Participate in forwarding the Society’s work through leadership positions or joining a workgroup/committee
  • Discounts on certain conference registration fees (like HIMSS)
  • Use of the SPM Member Logo on personal website
  • Use of the SPM Member Logo on educational PowerPoint Presentations
  • Individual Membership listed on the Society for Participatory Medicine member list

Individual annual membership (Only $50/year)
Lifetime membership (One-time $300 fee)


Membership dues should never be a barrier to anyone eager to join. You can nominate yourself or someone else to receive a no-charge scholarship membership.

Being a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine is a great way to show your support for participatory medicine! New member? Welcome to the Society!


Corporate & Organization Memberships

Are you an organization or company interested in becoming a member?
Corporate and organization membership options are here.



Membership payments are considered a tax-deductible donation. As no goods or services are received in exchange for membership, membership fees are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.