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Pledge your Commitment to the Participatory Medicine Manifesto

Having an amazing community is what led to creating a manifesto, a statement of what we at the Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) believe, and how to put those beliefs into practice and transform the culture of healthcare!

We had input from dozens of people in co-creating the manifesto: conference attendees at the Society’s annual conference in 2018, the board, members on Connect, and many more people. We couldn’t have gotten where we did without everyone’s involvement.

Pledge your commitment to the Manifesto, and share it widely on social media, with your friends and family and with your organization.

There are three parts to the Manifesto.

  1. The manifesto itself, what we believe in one paragraph
  2. The highest level areas that we agree to focus on.
  3. Most importantly, are the “I Will” statements that we created based on everyone’s input. These are the key, they are what makes this more than a piece of paper. These are the things that we hope everyone agrees to take on. For example, As a Patient, I will be prepared to share my story and experiences completely, accurately, and honestly.

Thinking about pledging?


SPM Manifesto

Whether you’re a patient, clinician, caregiver or other health citizen – sign the pledge today!
Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions and let us know how we can help you helps us spread the word!


Easy ways to share the Manifesto

The Participatory Medicine Manifesto is a document that you can share, you can post on social media, and you can use to explaining how we think and why we exist. And maybe you’ve thought of something we haven’t. In that case please email us at manifesto@participatorymedicine.org.

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