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Participatory Medicine Manifesto

Having such an amazing community of members is what’s led us to the point of being able to create a manifesto, a statement of what we, as the Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM), believe, and of how we want to behave to further Participatory Medicine.

We had input from tons of people; conference attendees at SPM 2018, the board, the membership on Connect, and tons of other input. We couldn’t have gotten where we did without everyone’s involvement.

The Participatory Medicine Manifesto is a document that you can share, you can post on social media, and you can use to explain how we think and why we exist.

There are 3 parts to the Manifesto. First, is the manifesto itself, what we believe in one paragraph. Second, are the highest level areas that we agree to focus on. And third, and most importantly, are the “I Will” statements that we created based on everyone’s inputs. These are the key, they are what makes this more than a piece of paper. These are the things that we hope everyone agrees to take on. For example, As a Patient, I will be prepared to share my story and experiences completely, accurately, and honestly.

If you feel inspired at all, we’d love you to take a quick video of yourself (you look great, don’t worry!) with your phone, and say “I am a (patient, caregiver, health care professional)” and “I will” and read one of the “I Will” statements. We will pull the videos together and use at the conference and other places. Connect with me on Connect or via email at jburtrosen at

– Burt Rosen
2019 President


Download the Full Manifesto

Download: Participatory Medicine Manifesto (PDF)


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