Participants: Kyra Bobinet, Mandy Bishop, Judy Danielson, Dave deBronkart, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Bruno Nardone Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods, Tracy Zervakis

Minutes Approved –

Board Member’s Personal S4PM Agenda
Judy – continue to support the org in marketing; increase the number of companies in our pipeline
Bruno – bring the philosophy of patient centered care into the work he is doing to create patient engagement solutions for his clients.
Dave- continue to work on Higher Logic; find people in member survey to write posts for the blog and to join a blog editorial team.
Sue – communication; the newsletter
Nancy – work with the strategic marketing team; support Dave in developing an editorial calendar for the blog
Joe – Foster our engagement at conferences; take the lead in the first-ever S4PM conference
Sarah – launch the next Learning Exchange
Mandy – membership
John G – website launch
Peter E – member involvement in SPM activity – see membership doing things not just talking
Tracy – increase membership; work on forum to help members be more active in discussions
Jon W. – continue to support the strategy discussions; Look for ways to foster collaborations between RTI and S4PM
Kyra – Donate funds and get all board members to make a donation to the Society; support the next learning exchange

Marketing Update, Judy
The S4PM brochure is finished and ready to be used; There are also six slides available for members to use when making presentation.  The plan is to expand this to a full PowerPoint presentation.  These resources can be found  on the S4PM Google Drive.  Marketing is also  working  creating a  hard copy tri-fold brochure. The marketing committee has written a guidebook to help our members understand how to use these collateral materials.  They are also reviewing S4Pm’s social media strategy to promote the organization. .

Membership, Tracy
The membership committee is developing a unified view of membership and  a plan  to increase and retain members.  We will report on this at the next meeting.

Learning Exchange, Sarah
We are looking for members who would be interested in presenting at the next Learning Exchange tentatively scheduled for the Fall. Suggested topics are patient safety and medical errors.  We are also looking for a company or Society that might be interested in sponsoring the next Learning Exchange.

Website, John Grohol.
The new website is almost completed and several  board members have provided feedback on the design.  We would like additional feedback before we launch.  Next step is merge our two websites into one and create  the appropriate copy that provides us with a framework to build on.  The design firm that did our collateral has offered to help with the website Pro Bono and in exchange would like us to provide introductions for them.

Higher Logic, Peter
We have renamed our Forums SPM Connect.  We now have 145 people who have gone to the site, logged in and agreed to the terms. Our challenge  is to get the rest of our S4PM members to sign up with SPM Connect, create a username and password and participate in our forums and discussions.

Advocacy Update, Danny
We have had a change of leadership of our Advocacy group.  John Steiner has accepted a new position and is  unable to continue as the chair of the committee.  There are a couple of members interested in advocacy and we will with them to form a viable committee.

Town Hall, Peter
The next Town Hall will be on June 6 at 7 pm.

Conferences, Joe
The Executive Committee voted to support,  Technologies and Tactics Transforming Long-term Care, Friday, June 30, 2017 FHI 360 Conference Center, Washington D.C.   Our support will provide us with discounted passes.  The conference sponsors have invited one SPM member to serve as a speaker on a panel on population health.

S4PM has been offered the opportunity to run a one-day conference in Boston in conjunction with the HIMSS Connected Health to be held at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, Oct 25-27.  Moe to come.

Strategic Alliances
We voted to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship with the Common Well Health Alliance

Danny raised the issue of our need to cultivate leaders to take on board and Executive Committee positions going forward.  This will be a focus of our next board meeting on June 27.