Participants: Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo,  Jon Wald, Sue Woods,

Minutes: approved

Conference – Update, Danny Sands
We are actively recruiting for speakers; Will post a Save the Date to the membership on SPM Connect informing the members that this is in the planning stages. On Aug, 1 we will make a final decision on the conference. We discussed sponsorships, the structure of the conference program; and worked through a list of prospective f panelists and keynote speakers.

Leadership Recruitment
We need to fill our open positions on the Executive Committee for 2017-2018. Danny has created a spreadsheet on Google Docs that all members can view and nominate individuals for the five open positions: Pres Elect, Secretary, two Members at Large. The Secretary and the President Elect are elected by the Executive Committee and the Members at large are elected by the members.

Fall retreat
We are planning a Fall Retreat for the Board of Directors and other interested members immediately after the Oct conference. Two dates under consideration are Sat Oct 28, or Sat. Nov 11. Final dates and plans tabled until the next board meeting.

We had another meeting with Gunther Eysenbach editor and publisher of JMIR publications to discuss an alliance between JMIR Publications and the Journal. We are moving ahead on an agreement to finalize arrangements where JOPM would become a part of the JMIR publication family. JOPM would continue to publish commentary and essay articles as well as peer-reviewed papers. One of our immediate tasks is to formulate an editorial board for JOPM by mid- September. Anyone with suggestions for the editorial board should contact Danny Sands or Sue Woods.

Next Board Meeting July 25.