Participants: Mandy Bishop, Kyra Bobinet, Judy Danielson, Dave deBronkart, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Tyson Ortiz, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Sue Woods, Guest Linda Stotsky
May Minutes Approved

SPM Sponsored Conference, Joe Ternullo
Joe Ternullo proposed that on October, 25 SPM sponsor a one-day conference prior to and co-located with the newly combined Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) and Connected Health Symposium. PCHA has offered us free space, audio-visual equipment, a free exhibit space at the main conference.
The advantage of doing this is to advance our membership recruitment and our stature. Among the outstanding questions are what to charge for the full day conference; how we include people who cannot travel (Go to Meeting or Skype?); what is the theme or title (positioning of the conference and how to distinguish it from every other conference) This is a call to action for our membership and our board.

Marketing update, Judy Danielson
Marketing has three tactical goals for 2017:
Pipeline development – The Board must be involved in generating organizational leads. We need 3-5 leads from each board member by September 1. To track these leads we have free use of the SOHO relationship management system. On the system is a script available for individualizing and using.
Marketing support Connected Health – The marketing team will do everything possible to support the publicize the SPM meeting at Connected Health.
Generating new membership – We are using social media to spread the word about S4PM. We are seeking individuals who would take on the task of managing social media for a period of one month.
We have launched and are in the process of promoting our new website Pipeline and

Fundraising, Danny Sands
We need to continue to aggressively raise funds through grants and sponsorships. It is a key initiative that every member must be in involved in.

Advocacy and Public Policy Initiative, Vera Rulan
This group is in the process of creating a timeline and selecting a key issue to focus on. Our goal is to have our key issue in place by July and to identify alliances that will give us more clout. Among the issues suggested are:
• Access and use of personal health information
• Coverage for diagnostic testing
• Employers getting access to DNA information
The committee would like feedback from the board and membership via SPM Connect on these key issues.

Membership Tracy Zervakis and Mandy Bishop
Membership Committee will be meeting with 4 summer interns who will work on using Thundercloud for SPM. This is a great tool to amplify who we are and get out the word to over 2 million people who are on this and get them working and added to all websites crowd speaking platform through Twitter. And Facebook. John Grohol

Website Launch, John Grohol
New website went live on Sat. Everything went smoothly. The site is 100% functional

Infrastructure Tyson Ortiz
Tyson will be working on reviewing and analyzing our infrastructure. Stay tuned and check out his work on Google Docs.

Update on the Journal. Sue Woods
JMIR has presented us with a contract to merge their publications with the Journal. Sue will do an overview of all the comments and questions and reach back to JMIR.

Leadership Development, Danny, Joe
A spreadsheet listing the proposed SPM slate for 2017-2018 is ready and we need the board to weigh in and identify who best choices. This will happen by Aug. 1 and we will expect a transition to a new Executive Committee in January 2018.

Next board meeting is on July 25