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Hello world-wide friends, colleagues, and advocates. Either I’m more aware of how much SPM members contribute or our pooled contributions are expanding considerably. I’m a master networker and I work from home. So, while I feel like I have a fair pulse of participatory medicine, my day-to-day personal contact with you all is pretty limited. Please know that I feel you, my fellow members, and I’m inspired by you. Your newsletter team contributes to this labor of love because we want to connect, learn, and become better at our advocacy – be it paid or pro bono.

This is the fourth quarterly newsletter (the newsletter was monthly before that). We have had requests for us to publish more often. Since every member of the team is quite busy we are sticking with a high-value quarterly cycle. We want to maintain the quality of the newsletter, so we welcome and solicit your feedback at  Please put Newsletter Feedback in the subject line. Wanna join us? Let us know, the same place with Join Newsletter Team in the subject line.