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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes


Members Present

Sands, Bersh, Hennings, Cobb, Krüg, Rosen, Ternullo, Mack

Members Not Present

Grohol, Eastwood


Full attendance record available here.

Danny convened meeting.  Brian Mack is new Member-at-Large.


Hiring Professional staff                                                         Rosen

Jennifer Joe introduced Sandy Vassos. Mary talked about process of choosing the right person. Coming up with strawman concept. Requirements and engagement of Board. Rosen says some Board member needs to “own” process.  Mary will be temporary lead. Mary created a Google Doc.  Danny will make access to Board.


Connect Administrator                                                            Sands

Need a person before end of year. Eric suggested hiring a temporary Higher Logic admin for a short while. Burt suggests someone from the Society. Annual subscription due end of 2019. Brian Mack agreed to be Tech Liaison. Burt will reach out to John Novack (Inspire) to ask about platforms.


Member-at-Large Responsibilities                                          Sands

Danny wants the “Brians” to talk about how they intend to work together.


General Info                                                                            Rosen

Lyme Disease ( organization has joined the Society. Burt says survey about the “State of Participatory Medicine” in preparation. Will be sent out soon.


Adjourn —

Next executive committee meeting: 12/10/19

Next board meeting: 11/26/19


Respectfully submitted,


Eric Bersh