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Citation: Smith CM. A thank you to departing co-editor Gruman. J Participat Med. 2010 Dec 13; 2:e16.
Published: December 13, 2010.
Competing Interests: The author has declared that no competing interests exist.

The JoPM editorial team has been very fortunate to have Jessie Gruman serve as one of the founding Co-Editors. Jessie, with great wit and depth of experience, was instrumental in helping to initiate the Journal, including co-authoring an inaugural editorial with me, creating parameters of Participatory Medicine and working closely with me to select reviewers, and process and edit manuscripts.

Unfortunately, Jessie’s health condition required her to recently vacate her role at the Journal in order to devote her time and energy to undergoing treatment. All indications are that it is going well. During this transitional time, I will serve as Editor-in-Chief, but we are seeking someone to fill Jessie’s role representing the “patient half” of the editorial team equation.

Please join me in extending a heartfelt word of appreciation to Jessie for her work establishing the Journal and in wishing her well in completing her recovery and return to perfect health.

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