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The Society’s Executive Committee sets the overall agenda of the Society and leads the organization in its day-to-day activities. It is made up of Board Members and two members-at-large selected from the general membership of the organization. The current executive committee is:

Additional Board Members

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Geri Lynn Baumblatt

Geri is a long-time SPM member who developed patient education and engagement tools in partnership with patients. She’s frequently coauthored articles with other members and includes them on conference/ event panels and in her annual health literacy month blog series. She recruited speakers and panelists, fundraised for, and participated in the inaugural conference. She’s also held SPM meet-ups at Stanford Medicine X and in Chicago to recruit members and build community. She’s currently working with Tyson to improve member engagement and recruitment.

In her day job at Emmi, she oversaw the creation of a large library of interactive patient engagement multimedia programs and interactive voice response calls that are used by hundreds of hospitals and health plans at. She partners with physicians and academics at organizations like Dartmouth Medical Center, Northwestern, and the Cleveland Clinic to conduct research on patient and clinician engagement, behavior change, patient concerns, and brain engagement. She’s currently advising on a funded PCORI grant to help elderly patients make decision about end stage renal disease, consulting for various patient engagement and education companies, and is working with a team to look at how to best address and prevent the health effects of family caregiving.

Her publications include a chapter in Transformative Healthcare Practice through Patient Engagement (IGI Global) a number of peer-reviewed journal articles on the outcomes of patient engagement and understanding patient concerns, as well as articles in trade publications like Becker’s Healthcare. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Patient Experience and is a peer reviewer for both the journal of Health Literacy Research and Practice and the Journal of Medical Internet Research. She blogs on patient engagement for the Association for Patient Experience.

Geri frequently participates in patient engagement, patient experience, family caregiver, shared decision making, and health design and innovation conferences and panels for organizations like the Brookings 1234 Main Street Anytown, State ZIP 123-456-7890 Institute, AHRQ, the Institute for Healthcare Advancement, the Cleveland Clinic, the Beryl Institute, the Society for Medical Decision Making, Stanford Medicine X, and the Health Sector Advisory Council and the Collaborative on Healthcare for Aging Populations and Advanced Illness at the Duke Fuqua School of Business. She regularly teaches and guest lectures at Northwestern, Duke, and DePaul.

Judy Danielson

Judy Danielson is a seasoned marketing and strategy executive with more than 18 years experience building innovative marketing and consumer engagement solutions. As a member of leadership teams in health and financial services, Judy’s work has been at the intersection of marketing and consumer engagement, using the principles and practices of marketing to understand the choices people make and what motivates them to make those choices.

Judy has a passion for developing insight driven strategies to help organizations grow in competitive and transformative markets. She does her part trying to understand where this transformation will take the health market and all its stakeholders — consumers, patients, employers, providers, and health organizations — all of which have a huge stake in the future of healthcare.

Judy’s career has been built on interpreting research and analytics to develop market, brand and customer engagement innovations and strategies. Judy built and led the Market Strategy Group at BCBSMA from 2011 to 2016, where she created a foundation for analytically and insight driven market and consumer engagement strategies. Before joining BCBSMA she was VP of Market Strategy at Aetna for 8 years, where she introduced a market planning approach adopted across the organization and was part of both the consumer engagement and innovation strategy teams. Prior to Aetna Judy held leadership positions in marketing and market research for Fleet and BankBoston. She has experience in consulting, including International Data Corporation and Venture Economics. Her love of analytics and market strategy came from working in political polling and consulting while in college.

Judy is a trustee and pro bono advisor to the Marketing Science Institute, a member and pro bono advisor to the Society of Participatory Medicine, a member of the Women’s Business Leaders in Healthcare, the American Marketing Association and the New England Health Care Executive Network.

Judy and her husband, Tom are outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy kayaking the rivers of Massachusetts and the coast of Maine. They can often be found outdoors hiking, but rarely without one of their dogs. They share passions for travel, cooking and music. They live in North Framingham, Massachusetts across the street from an endlessly entertaining field of cows.

Judy holds a Liberal Arts Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in political science and attended the University of Maine at Portland/Gorham.

Dave deBronkart

“e-Patient Dave” deBronkart was diagnosed in January 2007 with Stage IV, Grade 4 renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) at a very late stage. His median survival time at diagnosis was just 24 weeks; with tumors in both lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue, his prognosis was “grim,” as one website said.

He received great treatment at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. His last treatment was July 23, 2007, and by September it was clear he’d beaten the disease. His remaining lesions have continued to shrink.

An accomplished speaker and writer in his professional life before his illness, today Dave is
actively engaged in opening health care information directly to patients on an unprecedented level, thus creating a new dynamic in how information is delivered, accessed and used by the patient.

Dave Dolton

After graduating from Miami University in the early 1980’s, I began a career in Publishing with The Chicago Tribune. While very successful in selling advertising space for the newspaper, I never lost sight of the impact of its editorial and journalistic excellence to the city of Chicago and to the region.

After building a successful career with several different publishing firms, I was recruited to join an early stage company focused on disrupting the targeted media and marketing business. It is with this company, Snyder Communications, that I developed an affinity for leading change and creating opportunity for patient-focused healthcare communications. As Vice President and General Manager of Snyder Communications’ Healthcare Marketing Services business unit, I led the management of the (at the time) industry-leading Point of Care Patient Education company.

Upon the sale of the NYSE-traded Snyder Communications, I joined The Washington Redskins for seven seasons, with a break during which I started my own Marketing Services firm. During my tenure with The Washington Redskins, I created and managed the (at the time) NFL’s only Health & Wellness program. This award-winning sponsorship program provided education, events and solutions for patients in the Washington DC area with Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Cardiovascular and other chronic conditions.

I left The Washington Redskins to join Health Monitor Network. As Vice President and Senior Vice President, I managed this company’s Patient Advocacy and Healthcare Society relationships and strategic partnerships. For eight years I was part of the management team that built Health Monitor into the largest Point of Care distributor of Patient Education and Patient Engagement solutions.

After eight years it was time to go in a new direction. I became a Senior Consultant for two companies, Perthera and DocASAP. For Perthera I developed many new strategic partnerships with Patient Advocacy Organizations and provided leadership to emerging new Oncology Group relationships.

During the summer of 2017 I joined DocASAP full-time, ending my Perthera consulting role. DocASAP is the leading innovator and provider of Online Appointment Scheduling solutions for medium and large healthcare systems and groups. The company is successful for many reasons; however our key differentiators include a highly empathetic approach to bridging the patient – provider – payer divide. We excel at implementing an intuitive, real-time, robust yet simple patient navigation User Experience while still protecting the integrity of Practice Management and system brand protocols. As Regional Vice President, I lead business development in the critical Mid-Atlantic market area.

Peter Elias, MD

I am a family physician, practicing in central Maine, with a bit over 30 years of active practice on my odometer. I am happily and solidly married to a woman who knows me well enough to be skeptical and loves me enough to be willing to keep me honest. We have two grown (wonderful) kids and three magical grandchildren, two in Vermont and one in Montana. My interests include medicine (which has also been my career), genealogy, photography, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, medical informatics, and acoustic folk guitar. I love to be outdoors, hiking, canoeing and swimming in summer and nordic skiing in winter.

Nancy Finn

Nancy B. Finn is a health care journalist, speaker, and thought leader on the impact of digital communication on organizational behavior in healthcare and patient care. She is the author of e-Patients Live Longer, the Complete Guide to Managing Health Care Using Technology, and Digital Communication in Medical Practice. She also writes a health care blog, and is a frequent contributor to and the Journal of Participatory Medicine.

Nancy is a member and a spokesperson for the Global Alliance for Women’s Health, an NGO organization affiliated with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, where she frequently speaks on digital technology to improve women’s health. She is a member of the Massachusetts Quality Health Partners, Consumer Health Council and is on the Board of Overseers at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA, She is also the patient advocate representative to the BIDCO Board of the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston and a member of the Health Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Terry Graedon

Terry Graedon co-hosts the popular radio program, The People’s Pharmacy, as well as the syndicated newspaper column (King Features Syndicate) of the same name. Terry has a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Michigan, 1976. Along with her husband Joe, Terry is a founding member of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

John M. Grohol, Psy.D. is the founder and CEO of one of the leading mental health resources, Psych Central. He founded Psych Central in 1995 as one of the first mental health sites available that offered information about the symptoms and treatments of mental disorders, including interactive screening quizzes and self-help tools. Psych Central was recognized by as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2008. His resources on bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, anxiety, and other mental disorders have helped over 500 million people since 1995.

Dr. Grohol sits on the editorial board for the journal Computers in Human Behavior and is an active researcher in the area of online behavior and technology’s effects on human behavior. He won the Distinguished Professional Contribution to Media Psychology award from the American Psychological Association’s Division 46 in 2011, and is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists. He is the co-author of Self-Help That Works and author of The Insider’s Guide to Mental Health Resources Online. In 2017, Psych Central acquired the trade publication, New England Psychologist.

In addition to being a founding board member of the Society for Participatory Medicine and its current treasurer, he also sits on the boards of the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred) and the non-profit Psych Central Community Connection.

Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt is the founder of The Health Care Blog and, with Indu Subaiya, runs Health 2.0, which has the leading conferences showcasing innovative technologies in health care, along with challenges, code-a-thons, innovation programs, and market intelligence. (In April 2017 HIMSS bought the conference side of Health 2.0 but not the rest of it which continues to operate independently).

Matthew has spent over 25 years in health care and health care IT as a generalist forecaster and strategist. After graduate work at Stanford, he spent the 90s at renowned forecasting group Institute for the Future and polling organization The Harris Poll. There he conducted several ground-breaking, in-depth studies about many aspects of health care, and delivered several keynote addresses. After that he spent two years (too long!) at personal health record startup i-Beacon before moving back into consulting, starting the best known (or at least best named) blog in health care, and then starting Health 2.0 in 2007.

He’s also on the Board of YTH, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives & health of tens and young adults, and on the advisory board of several small tech startups, as well as SPM.

Sarah Krüg

Sarah Krug is CEO/Executive Director of CANCER101, a patient advocacy organization she has been on the board of for two years, in a quest to help patients and caregivers navigate their cancer journey.  Driven by the passion to make an impact in patient care and engagement, Sarah has held a variety of roles within healthcare.

She previously held the position of Global Education Director in the Medical Education Group at Pfizer, focused on establishing global health care improvement strategies and medical education standards worldwide. She also established the Global Investigator Initiated Research Program at Pfizer.  Prior to joining Pfizer in 2001, Sarah spearheaded the development of the Pediatric disease management clinical pathways and conducted clinical research at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center. She is also on the board of the Cancer Patient Education Network, and serves as Research Chair.

Janice McCallum, MBA

Janice McCallum is Managing Director of Health Content Advisors, a strategy consulting firm that helps clients craft optimal business models for producing, licensing, and marketing medical research information and healthcare data. Building on her experience in product management, content development, data analytics and strategic marketing roles, Janice utilizes her deep understanding of the sources and uses of healthcare information to help clients define the right products for the right user segments.

In addition, Janice is a respected analyst who has used social media to develop her audience since she began blogging in the early 2000s. She has over 14,000 followers on Twitter (@janicemccallum), has been nominated by peers to the #HIT100 top social media community since 2010, speaks frequently on the topics of healthcare publishing and data analytics, and is the author of numerous papers and reports on digital publishing business models and big data in healthcare and life sciences.

Janice has an MBA in marketing from the Booth School at University of Chicago and a BA in Economics and French from Simmons College. In addition, she serves on the Board of Trustees for the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery.

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Jan Oldenburg

Jan Oldenburg, FHIMSS, is passionate about using digital tools to build a healthcare system where patients and caregivers participate as partners. She currently mentors startups and consults with organizations who want to understand the evolving digital health landscape as the Principal in Participatory Health Consulting.

Jan has broad experience across all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, including payers, providers, and integrated delivery systems. She has worked in advisory firms including EY and several small professional services firms. Prior to joining EY, Ms. Oldenburg was the Vice President of Patient and Physician Engagement in Aetna’s Accountable Care Solutions organization. She also spent seven years as a senior leader in Kaiser Permanente’s Digital Services Group and 5 years at HealthPartners as the Senior Director of Ecommerce.  She consistently works at the intersection of culture change, workflow, technology, communications, and human-centered design. Most of Jan’s career for the last 20 years has been focused on finding ways to use digital tools as a transformative capability for both consumers and providers.

She is the principal editor of Participatory Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach to Transforming Healthcare published by CRC Press in August, 2016 as well as the primary editor of Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement, winner of “Best Book of 2013” honors at HIMSS 2014. Jan also authored the “Personal Health Engagement” chapter in the Third Edition of Medical Informatics, published in March, 2015 and the “Participatory Medicine” chapter of The Journey Never Ends, published in March, 2016, as well as numerous articles and blog posts. Jan is a frequent speaker and commentator on patient and physician engagement issues; she tweets @janoldenburg.  She received her BA degree in English and Philosophy from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa Summa Cum Laude and completed coursework for a PhD in English at the University of Minnesota.

Jan just stepped down from a two-year term as co-chair of the HIMSS Connected Health Committee. She was previously a member of the HL7 PHR Workgroup, was a part of the initial CCHIT PHR standards committee, and served on the ONC Consumer Empowerment Workgroup in 2013-2014. Jan was a member of the Northern California HIMSS Board from 2005 through 2013; during that time she chaired many education events as well as serving as the Secretary, Vice President, President, and Past President.

Jan fiercely believes that digital health tools, along with education and culture change, can help people take control of their lives and their health.

Burt Rosen

Burt oversees all Marketing for HealthSparq.  He is responsible for developing and telling HealthSparq’s story; what we do, who we do it for and how we do it. He is passionate about putting people at the center of health care and has launched efforts such as What’s the Fix? to put people back in the center of the conversation.  

Prior to HealthSparq, Burt spent five years at Knowledge Universe, the leading provider of early childhood education in the US (KinderCare is their biggest brand). He started there as VP Digital and Customer Experience and eventually took on all of Marketing, from market and customer research, to creative, PR, acquisition and everything digital.

Before Knowledge Universe, Burt was at Starwood Hotels for 4 years leading a digital and call center strategy team that serviced each of Starwood’s 9 brands, and eventually leading all marketing for Starwood Preferred Guest, Starwood’s award winning loyalty program.

Burt has 6 years of experience working in Account Management at Avenue A/Razorfish and Modem Media and 12 years experience working in all facets of Television on the advertising sales side.

>For fun, Burt hikes and climbs mountains (both literally and figuratively).

Danny Sands, M.D.

Dr. Danny Sands is passionate about healthcare transformation. A practicing physician with training and experience in clinical informatics, Dr. Sands has worked in a variety of capacities in the health care IT industry since 2004. Prior to that he spent almost 14 years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he developed and implemented innovative systems to improve clinical care delivery and patient engagement, including clinical decision support systems, an electronic health record, and one of the nation’s first patient portals.

Dr. Sands is the recipient of numerous healthcare honors, including recognition in 2009 by HealthLeaders Magazine as one of “20 People Who Make Healthcare Better.” He is the co-author, with e-Patient Dave deBronkart, of Let Patients Help.

Dr. Sands holds an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and for twenty years has maintained a primary care practice in which he makes extensive use of health IT—much of which he helped to introduce during his tenure at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In addition to practicing, Dr. Sands is a speaker and works with a number of innovative companies.

Dr. Sands is a popular speaker and consultant, who blogs at and is active on Twitter as @DrDannySands.

Joseph Ternullo, JD, MPH

Joseph Ternullo, JD, MPH has focused the past 20 years of his career on healthcare. Joe is well known for his 17 years as the associate director of Partners HealthCare’s Center for Connected Health. He founded and chaired for 10 years the Connected Health Symposium, a two-day international conference with a prominent patient engagement focus. He was a co-founder of the Continua Health Alliance, a standards and interoperability organization. Joe has served on two federal advisory committees, including the US Department of Health & Human Service’s American Health Information Communities Chronic Care Workgroup. Joe has authored several publications focused on healthcare technology and served on several international and domestic boards. Most recently, he led a health technology start-up that established an exploratory US presence. Joe holds degrees from Boston College, Bentley University, Boston University School of Law and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.


Susan Woods, MD, MPH

Susan Woods, MD, MPH has broad healthcare experience spanning private and public sectors. Board certified in general internal medicine and health informatics. Sue is a design thinker who is passionate about effective health care communication, clinician-patient partnership and using innovative digital tools that improve care and the patient experience. She served as Director of Patient Experience for the Connected Care Office at the Veterans Health Administration, developing web and mobile apps for patients and clinicians and leading a national effort on patient generated data. Sue received her MD at Oregon Health Sciences University and public health degree at the University of Washington. Her research focuses on consumer use of health technology, health information transparency and promoting virtual care delivery. She has served on Boards at the Society for Behavioral Medicine and the Society for Participatory Medicine. Sue promotes participatory care and services that engage people and families in their health and their health care. As the founder of HiTech HiTouch, LLC, she advocates for full patient access to health records (OpenNotes), telehealth and eHealth adoption, universal broadband access and digital inclusion.

Past Presidents

Alan Greene (2009)
Gilles Frydman (2010 partial)
Danny Sands (2010 partial-2012)
Sarah Krug (2013)
Josh Seidman (2014)
Nick Dawson (2015)
Jonathan Wald, MD, MPH (2016)
Joseph Ternullo, JD, MPH (2017)