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Initiatives & Committees

The Society for Participatory Medicine has a number of committees that help forward the Society’s functions and mission. If you have skills, want to contribute them, or want to home your leadership skills, tell us about it.

The 2019 Strategic Plan was informed by a planning meeting and lengthy discussion among the board and other members to help guide the organization into developing future organizational priorities. While the plan is intended to provide general direction, it will be revisited and adapted as needed.


Committees & Initiatives

The Society has a number of active committees that do the majority of the formal work of the all-volunteer Society. If you’d like to reach to one of these groups to learn more or to join, please message one of the committee’s members through the Connect community. Or, if you’re uncertain how to do that, you can email info [at] and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chairperson. All committees are open to all active members of the Society and are always looking for additional membership participation!

The executive director attends most committee meetings. The first member listed below is the committee’s chairperson.


The Membership team is focused on helping to energize the board and the membership, and works on efforts to retain (and grow) individual membership in the Society. This team is responsible for the member newsletter and town hall meetings.

Members: Mary Hennings, Astra Titus, Brenda Denzler,  John Grohol


The Marketing team is focused on galvanizing patients and their caregivers to become partners in their own healthcare through a set of focused initiatives. Their first initiative is the Participatory Medicine Manifesto.

Members: John Novak, Danny Sands, Eric Bersch, Kevin Freiert, Matthew Holt, Kim Whittemore

Governance, Finance & Audit

The Governance team’s focus is understanding the Society’s current processes to ensure their align with the Society’s bylaws, and working on updating the bylaws as needed.

Members: Mary Hennings, John Grohol


Currently reorganizing. This team is focused on helping make the Society a hub for participatory medicine, by providing resources and information to healthcare professionals and the public about the importance and value of participatory medicine.

Members: Volunteer today!