Participants: Kyra Bobinet, Peter Elias, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Mark Reifsteck,  Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Peggy Zuckerman.

Minutes Approved

Education, Peter Elias
Have a team to developing participatory medicine curriculum
The course module we were working on has been completed.

Learning Exchange, Sarah Krug
The purpose of the Learning Exchange is to produce a webinar that will showcase members of our Society and how their work is pushing the needle to advance participatory medicine. Our plan is to have our board members do a trail run demo of the Learning Exchange and then solicit participation from our membership.  Longer term we want to measure the collective impact that we are making in healthcare areas such as medical education   and patient safety.   Many of the webinars will be exclusively for our members. At some point we will provide the opportunity for public webinars that enable our corporate members to showcase their work.  We will emphasize best practices and coordinate with our Journal for Participatory Medicine to highlight what they are publishing.

Research Library, Danny Sands
There is a verbal agreement regarding an alliance between the Society and an Academic Medical Center and we are waiting to sign written agreements.

Corporate Fundraising, Kyra Bobinet
We are in the process of putting together a fundraising proposal incorporating the mission and value proposition of SPM, a description of the board positions, responsibilities and profiles of the members, a description of the levels of corporate membership and an outline of what value a corporate member will experience as a result of becoming corporate sponsors of our organization.

Membership, Mark Reifsteck
We are reviewing the dues structure of the organization for a redesign.  We are now gaining approximately 10 new members each month. Every new or renewing member gets a personal email welcoming them to the Society and providing them with guidance on how to get involved.
On May 1 we began our membership campaign which includes the following actions:
1. We are asking our current members to each solicit one or more new members.
2. We are sending email to the 1700 individuals who belong to the Society for Participatory Medicine Linked In group who are not dues paying members asking them to join the Society.
3. We are sending a membership appeal our to members who have lapsed urging them to rejoin the Society.  et. About 10 new members each month.

JOPM, Jon Wald
The editors are requesting that board members and others from our membership provide assistance in reviewing articles and help with soliciting articles. Contact Jon Wald if interested.

Conference Visibility, Danny Sands
We recently had a get together at Datapalooza.  We have once again been invited to work with Connected Health.  Details to be worked out.

Next meeting 6/29/16