Executive Committee Minutes January 24, 2017

Participants: Dave DeBronkart, Nancy Finn, John Grohol, Sarah Krug, Danny Sands, Joe Ternullo, Jon Wald, Susan Woods, Tracy Zervakis

Minutes approved

Note: Date for the next board meeting, moved up by 1 week to Feb. 14.

Collaborative Initiative
The Precision Medicine collaborative project “Precision Medicine for Me” (PM4Me), is launching a project to raise awareness of precision medicine specifically related to lung cancer.  Lung cancer is at the forefront of precision medicine, with more identified driving oncogenes and targeted therapies available than other cancers.  Helping lung cancer patients access genomic testing and find clinical trials (at no cost to patients) will be a huge step forward and a good model for other cancers.PM4ME has asked the Society if we would endorse the project and support it by writing articles for the blog and allowing them to include our logo on their informational materials. The Executive Committee voted unanimously to offer our support. For more information on PM4ME  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/01/prweb14010296.htm

Retreat Initiatives
We have appointed a Board member liaison for each project that is in process as an outcome of the retreat.  This individual will report to the Executive Committee on the progress of the project at each meeting.
Information Platforms
We discussed how to best use our communication platforms.  Freedcamp is to be used for updates to SPM ongoing projects.  Google Docs will be the dashboard that presents an overall picture of all our projects.  Tracy Zervakis will be in charge of keeping both of these platforms up to date.

Higher Logic
The Higher Logic  beta test was stalled for a short interim and is now moving forward Tracy will lead the team that will include Ileana Balcu Carla Berg and Jeffrey Halbstein Harris to oversee the operation of Higher Logic.  We expect to be running Higher Logic at full capacity.by the middle of February.
Membership –
A letter has gone out to the membership announcing an increase in dues and asking members before the increase to bring in 2 new members at the current $30 rate. We have set a goal of 1500 individuals members by the end of the year.

Corporate Sponsors
We are still working on a prospectus that can be presented to corporate prospects. Danny has sent a letter of appreciation to all of our current corporate members outlining opportunities for them to get more involved with the Society, including an invitation for each corporate sponsor to submit a letter of introduction about themselves, their products and services, that we will publish in our newsletter.

We had a volunteer member who was going to serve as the editorial assistant the JOPM.  She was unable to fulfill this position.  The JOPM editors are now engaged in discussions to do a collaboration with the Journal of Medical Internet Research Publishing company.  Details to follow.

Mandy and Dave are chairing a reception at HIMSS, (Feb 19-23,  2017) in Orlando, with WEGO health.

Research Library
We are working with Weill Cornell to roll out publicity on social media regarding the Weill Cornell Library project.

SPM Website,
John Grohol is working with Martha and Judy on communications and new messaging that will be used across all of our media including a new brochure and our website.

Dave DeBronkart needs more individuals willing to write articles and help manage the SPM blog.  Anyone interested email dave@epatientdave.com

Learning Exchange
The American College of Radiology will be presenting the next Learning Exchange sometime in March.  We are awaiting information on their overall theme.

Next Executive Committee meeting, Feb. 7 at 4 pm.



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